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Switzerland is a mountainous country with numerous lakes, villages and high Alpine peaks. In their cities you will find medieval quarters with landmarks such as the Zytglogge clock tower in the capital Bern and the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne. Switzerland is also known for its ski areas and hiking trails. Switzerland is world-famous for its watches and chocolate.

The calendar of events invites you to festivals, enjoyment and sightseeing and thus shows the many facets of the country. You can find all events and further details on Swiss cities right here on Citytixx. Plan your round trip now and make your vacation a special experience.

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Vacation in Switzerland

Unique cities, mountains, lakes and sights - Switzerland simply invites you to experience. In Switzerland, not only are different languages ​​such as German, French and Italian and the various dialects spoken, Switzerland is also culturally very diverse.

An example: the proximity to Italy mainly influences the cuisine and the mentality of the residents of the canton of Ticino. But Switzerland is also characterized by variety in terms of landscape. Here you can go on excellent skiing and long hikes, among other things.

Although Switzerland's cities have plenty of historical eye-catchers to offer, the modernity and infrastructure should not be underestimated either. Overall, thanks to its diversity, the country offers great excursion destinations and highlights worth seeing.

Event highlights

The Swiss Top Events are eight world-famous events in the fields of art, film, music, golf, athletics, horse racing and ski racing. These extraordinary events stand for innovation and underline the cultural and sporting attractiveness of Switzerland.



Unforgettable and rich in number they are together: quickly visit an enchanted castle and a high-class museum, take a look at breathtaking glaciers and unique mountain worlds, pass palm trees and grottos and and and ... the joy of discovery hardly seems to stop, because Countless other Swiss sights await with unique experiences. Landmarks as far as the eye can see: Switzerland captivates with an unbelievable variety of sights. Discover glaciers, mountains, rivers and imposing buildings. Or explore museums and institutions that particularly stand for the identity of the country.

Matterhorn - symbol for Switzerland. The Matterhorn and Switzerland are inextricably linked. The pyramid-shaped mountain giant is considered the most photographed mountain in the world. Chillon Castle lies on a rock on the shores of Lake Geneva. The moated castle is the most visited historical building in Switzerland. For almost four centuries, Chillon was the residence and profitable customs post of the Counts of Savoy.

The region of La Gruyère with its green hilly landscape and the peaks of the Freiburg Pre-Alps is home to the world-famous cheese "Le Gruyère AOP".


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More highlights in Switzerland

The International Lauberhorn Ski Races, first held in 1930, have been held as part of the Alpine FIS Ski World Cup since the 1966/67 winter season. The descent is the longest race in the Ski World Cup and the slalom is one of the most difficult runs in the world. Noble thoroughbred horses from all over Europe and international jockeys delight guests from all over the world every year during the races at the White Turf in St. Moritz. Over 30,000 spectators flock to the frozen Lake St. Moritz on three racing Sundays in February.

LUCERNE FESTIVAL brings together classical music stars from all over the world: on the idyllic Lake Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland, the famous orchestras, legendary conductors and virtuoso soloists meet to celebrate a festival of music together. Art Basel welcomes art lovers from all over the world every June. It is the most famous of all international art fairs.

On Citytixx you will be kept up to date on all events and hotspots, because this way you can plan your vacation according to your personal wishes and interests. The calendar of events has something for everyone.

Gourmet paradise

Ya sea un chocolate hecho por usted mismo, una canasta de picnic con especialidades regionales o una agradable copa de vino, estos consejos ya le harán la boca agua. Hay algunas especialidades suizas que la gente asocia con el país. Estos son principalmente chocolate, queso, fondue de queso, raclette, Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, dulces de hierbas y rösti (papas fritas suizas).