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Bad Fischau-Brunn – Citytixx

Bad Fischau-Brunn

Events in Bad Fischau-Brunn can be found in the most exciting places. In the Bad Fischau thermal baths, for example, spectacular shows take place regularly. Including concerts, readings, or experimental events. But there are also interesting events in Fischau Castle.

All information and tickets for events in Bad Fischau are kept up-to-date on Citytixx so that you never miss an exciting experience. Be inspired by the Fischau events calendar and plan exciting experiences.


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There are no events available at the moment

Bad Fischau-Brunn – Events

In addition to open parks and the hiking areas of the pine forests, numerous attractions draw tourist attention to the municipal in Lower Austria.

Just 45 km from Vienna, the place is an ideal destination for short trips, wellness vacations or to satisfy the hunger for adventure through the many events in Bad Fischau-Brunn.

Eisenstein Cave & Enjoyment of Nature

The Eisenstein Cave, known beyond the Austrian borders, is 80 meters deep and 900 meters long. It offers space for eventful tours, for the imagination of little explorers and for personal enjoyment of nature. The thermal baths ensure an unusually pleasant temperature in the cave formation, so that guided tours are available from May to October.

The neighbouring pine forests also offer enough space for freedom lovers and families. During your excursion you will be greeted by clear, healthy forest air. This makes the forest areas an excellent meeting point for sporting events and bike tours.

A special enjoyment of nature is offered when you try the seasonal types of wine. With a look at the local wine tavern calendar, dates and destinations can be determined.

Fischau Castle Cultural Complex

Art and culture programs, special exhibitions and lectures take place regularly in Schloss Fischau. Further events are organized by the Fischauer Kulturwerkstätte, the “Blau-Gelb Viertelsgalerie” and, for example, the “Kulturnetznetz Industrieviertel”. Together you create an intellectual offer that is known and loved far beyond the region.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Bad Fischau thermal baths

According to its own statements, the Fischau thermal bath prides itself on its sense of impressive surprises. A look at past events can confirm this promise. From laser shows to concerts and appearances by well-known personalities or authors, the Fischau attraction can convince every taste.

The organizers also regularly include new topics and concepts that match the history or the ambience of the thermal baths. "Swimming under the stars" was introduced as an annual commemorative event since the last lunar eclipse.

Enjoyment of the Fischau thermal baths

But even without events, the Kulturbad has a lot to offer. Only at the beginning of the 1990s did the imperial sight go into public hands from the possession of the Habsburgs, so that the facility and the listed Kristalltherme are still relatively freshly renovated. Now the stylistic ambience and the original stone-framed swimming pool are complemented by a relaxing sauna and wellness area.

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