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Belgium, a Western European state, is known for its medieval cities and Renaissance architecture, as well as being the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The bilingual capital of Brussels has magnificent guild houses on the Grand-Place and elegant buildings in the Art Nouveau style

The calendar of events invites you to festivals, enjoyment and sightseeing and shows the many facets of the country. You can find all events and more details about Belgian cities right here on Citytixx. Plan your round trip now and make your vacation a special experience.

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Vacation in Belgium

Unique cities, lakes and sights - Belgium simply invites you to experience and has more to offer than just delicious chocolate. Belgium looks back on a long history, to which it owes a large number of beautiful historical buildings and churches.

Visit Bruges, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and takes you into a medieval city backdrop. In Brussels you experience world politics up close and in Antwerp you will find wonderful street art and exciting museums

Although Belgium's cities have plenty of historical eye-catchers to offer, the modernity and infrastructure should not be underestimated either. Overall, thanks to its diversity, the country offers great excursion destinations and highlights worth seeing.

Event highlights

Concerts, exhibitions, festivals and sports events are just a few examples of the Belgian event calendar. Here vacation becomes an experience for young and old. Whether alone, with friends or family, everyone gets their money's worth here - because beautiful Belgium likes to show its countless facets. Winter spectacles, fairs and flower dreams show the city from its artistic and playful side. The Midi Fair is one of the oldest popular festivals in the country and attracts thousands of visitors every year in July and August. A very popular cultural event in Brussels is the Brosella.


The bronze figure of the cheeky, water-swirling little boy is the symbol of Brussels. Even if it measures less than a meter (61cm high), it is one of the most popular sights in Brussels.

Belgium not only offers numerous works of art worth seeing, but also many museums. Art and culture fans will love the Mont des Arts because it is a unique combination of numerous museums and world-class cultural institutions. Whether art, history, architecture or nature, the variety of Belgian exhibitions is hard to beat.


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More highlights in Belgium

The sports scene in Belgium is very diverse. Cycling in Belgium is one of the national sports. The Tour of Flanders across the dreaded cobblestones in the Flemish Ardennes is famous.

In addition to cycling, Belgians love billiards. In 2012, the Belgian team won their first three-cushion world championship title.

On Citytixx you will be kept up to date on all events and hotspots, because this way you can plan your vacation according to your personal wishes and interests. The calendar of events has something for everyone.

Gourmet paradise

Culinary delicacies from Belgium are another highlight of Belgium. Belgium is not only known for chocolate, beer and waffles. French fries are the national dish of Belgium - the Belgians have perfected them and they taste like nowhere else! Mussels and Koninginnehapje have to be tasted. On a trip to Belgium, the palate is really spoiled. Various restaurants, taverns, wine taverns and bars invite you to enjoy yourself, and of course wine and beer are a must.