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Palma, also Ciutat (de Mallorques) or Palma de Mallorca, is the capital of the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca and the seat of the government of the autonomous community of the Balearic

Islands. Palma de Mallorca is a popular tourist destination with a rich cultural heritage that has been part of it since 123 BC. Roman, Moorish and Catholic influences have entered. As huge as the cathedral, so gentle are the beaches and so delicious are the food in Palma.

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Palma, the pearl of the Mediterranean

In Palma, visitors can expect pulsating urban life as well as an insight into Mallorcan history. Of course, shopping and culinary delights are not neglected during a stay in the island's capital. On Palma's most beautiful promenade - the Passeig des Born - you will find the Mallorcan branches of many international manufacturers and various luxury brands.

The city attracts with countless sights, a unique flair and unsurpassable beauty. The old town of Palma presents a stylistic mixture of Arabic and Spanish-Catalan influences. After all, Palma has almost 2,000 years of city history behind it. The center of the old town is the Placa Major, where you can look, stroll and enjoy.

Attractions in Palma

The most important sights of historic Palma are the Gothic cathedral La Seu on the southern edge of the old town near the coast and the medieval castle of the Castell de Bellver.

The Almudaina Palace is located near La Seu - it is the Balearic residence of the Spanish royal family. The former fortress is of Arab origin and was already used as a residence by the Muslim rulers of Mallorca. After the Reconquista, extensive renovations and changes were made.

The Llotja de Palma can also be found in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral. This is a 14th century building that is one of the masterpieces of Gothic architecture in Mallorca and throughout Spain.

The Banys Arabs - the Arab baths - in Carrer de Serra are one of the few testimonies to the Moorish era. Only a small area of the baths has been preserved - the former steam bath with its column architecture and a dome, as well as a smaller adjoining room.

Museums and cultural institutions

Of course, there are also many museums in Palma. Lovers of modern art visit the Joan Miro house in the suburb of Cala Major. The Es Baluard Museum on Placa de la Porta de Santa Catalina is also dedicated to modern Spanish art. In the Museo de Mallorca on Carrer de la Portella you can experience the history of the island up close with the help of numerous exhibits.


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More Events

"Fira del Ram" takes place every spring in Palma. You can look forward to Ferris wheels, rides, games, stands, raffles and much more.

At the annual festival in honor of the Mare de Dèu de la Salut, visitors can expect religious rituals and traditional flair.

Origen Fest, born in 2018, is the largest electronic festival in the Balearic Islands. More than 30,000 people got his call last year, establishing him as one of the most anticipated events of the year.

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Culinary delights in Palma

Mercat de Santa Catalina and Mercat del Olivar are the places to visit to experience the authentic Palma de Mallorca. In addition to the fresh food that is available here, you will also find stands with Balearic specialties such as arros brut (rice dish with vegetables and meat), bunyols (local donuts) and pa amb oli (bread with olive oil and tomatoes) and cerveza (beer).

Relaxation in Palma

A trip on the Tren de Soller - the "red lightning" - invites you to relax. The historic railway line starts in Palma and ends in Sóller. He walks past olive groves, almond plantations and sheep, into the mountains of Mallorca. The train goes through 13 tunnels and over a 50-meter-long viaduct, a very special experience. The journey takes about 40 minutes and is the easiest way to discover the Serra de Tramuntana. The trip is particularly nice at the end of January, when the almond blossom is.

The Platja de Palma is the best known and most visited beach in Mallorca. On its five kilometers there are countless bars, restaurants as well as entertainment, sports and leisure options including all-day party life.

Families with children will enjoy the numerous water and amusement parks in and around Palma. You can choose from the Aqualand El Arenal, Katmandu or Jungle Parc, the Western Water Parc or the Marineland Majorca. The aquarium of Palma is also exciting for visitors of all ages, with around 8,000 fish and other aquatic animals also offering all the amenities of a modern amusement park.

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