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Graz – Citytixx


The Styrian capital offers its visitors events full of culture, cuisine, sport and fun. Discover the diversity of Graz and its historic old town, which is paired with modern architecture and has something for every taste.

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Explore Graz

As a UNESCO World Heritage and City of Design, Graz has something in its repertoire for everyone. Whether theatre, events or pleasure events, the versatility of the Styrian capital is hard to beat. The Graz clock tower is one of the city's landmarks and thanks to its location on the Schlossberg it can be seen from almost anywhere. The Schlossberg itself is considered to be the highest point in Graz and thus allows a great view of the entire city.

Historic center

Graz was first mentioned in 1128 under the name "Gracz". Characterized by historical places, country houses and churches, the city is now one of the world's exemplary eco-cities. Innovative projects as well as the multifaceted and interesting program attracts visitors from all over the world, and so the capital of Styria has already been named "European Capital of Culture" by the EU Ministry of Culture.

Museums and galleries

The museums of Graz make the hearts of historians beat faster. Starting with the Graz Museum, which tells the history of the city, through archaeological collections and galleries to architecture and art museums, the capital of Styria has a lot to offer. The museums are constantly planning new events that make the visit even more impressive and make experience a priority. The history of the city comes within one´s reach.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Event highlights in Graz

The events in Graz include concerts, theater performances and cabarets as well as guided tours through the old town and museums. Various exhibitions allow insights into the multifaceted history of the city and seasonal events are of course not missing.

The Graz Truffle Festival, various events for children and the Riverdays as a sports highlight are just some of the countless highlights that make a visit to Graz an experience for the whole family.

Citytixx gives you an overview of all events and helps you plan your day individually. All events are listed here and you can easily put together your highlights.

Enjoyment and cuisine

As Austria's capital of pleasure, Graz offers culinary events that will make every gourmet's mouth water. Starting with the Food Festival, the city offers various tastings, seasonal delicacies and culinary tours. Of course, farmers' markets, beer tours and wine presentations are also a must.

Highlights in Austria