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Culinary, culinary tours

What would a city trip be without getting to know the cuisine, culinary tours and rides, culinary trips and specialties of the respective region?

Experience culinary tours and rides of a very special kind.

Go on a culinary journey of discovery and learn the culinary and cultural side of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Embark on the culinary, culinary tours and rides with the Citytixx and discover your favorite city from its most delicious side.

Taste the culinary highlights of your favorite city and let the variety melt on your tongue.

We'll show you the best bars and restaurants and tell you where you can taste the local specialties of the culinary arts.

We suggest entire culinary tours, rides and culinary trips that will make your mouth water.

Citytixx offers a wide range of culinary tours, rides and trips to several cities in Europe. For moments that will be remembered and a culinary tour that you will always be happy to report on.

Now plan the culinary tour in your favorite city from the comfort of your home and turn the trip into a special culinary experience.

Book your favorites now so that you don't have to worry if you feel hungry.