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Naples is considered to be a world of its own, located in the middle of Italy, and yet characteristically so far removed from typical Italian cities. Naples is known as “the” Italian city that casts its spell over its visitors with art, hidden treasures and impressive impressions. "Vedi Napoli e poi muori", goes the famous proverb of Goethe - "When you have seen Naples, you can die in peace".

On Citytixx you will find all travel tips for your trip to Naples and all information about upcoming events. Let yourself be inspired and amazed by the Italian city.


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Naples - unique impressions

Napoli, Napule, Naples - the originally Greek settlement with the name "Neapolis", ie "New Town", is the third largest city in Italy and the capital of the Campania region. Did you know that the entire old town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage? The city scores with a unique zest for life, beautiful locations and the best pizza in the world.

Naples lies at the foot of an active volcano, Vesuvius. The last eruption was in 1944 and so the volcano is currently in a dormant phase. Vesuvius is world-famous mainly because of its eruption and the burial of the Roman city of Pompeii in AD 79. The fearlessness of the inhabitants of Naples is therefore inter-esting, because almost 700,000 people even live in the “red zone”. Whether the joy of life is related to this risk?


The Italian charm is particularly noticeable in the old town of Naples, the hustle and bustle in the nar-row streets is hardly comparable to other cities. From churches to palaces to historic buildings, Naples brings the past to your fingertips. A visit to the Santa Chiara Monastery is a special highlight on a trip to the old town.

But that's not all: Naples is not only known for its UNESCO-recognized old town, but also for its “un-derworld”, because the “Sotterranea” inspires with hiding places, caves, passages and catacombs and takes its visitors back to the old days.

The history of the city is also remembered in the National Archaeological Museum: the exhibitions inspire with wall paintings and mosaics and make the museum one of the most famous archaeology museums in the world.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

After the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the city of Pompeii, which is southeast of Naples, was completely buried. A special highlight on a trip is therefore a visit to the archaeological site of the ancient city, which is almost intact to this day. This Italy highlight has also been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the third largest “museum” in Italy.

Vesuvius itself can also be visited, because the national park is a top excursion destination with idyllic hiking trails. The crater of the active volcano can be explored with a guided tour and is definitely a must for those interested in nature.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


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Events in Napels

The districts of Naples come together to form a festival for the “Notte Bianca”, the “white night”: wonderful lighting, street artists, musicians and a lively hustle and bustle are characteristic of the event. The continuously open shops and boutiques allow nightly shopping trips and an unforgettable experience.

The “blood miracle”, the feast of St. Januarius, is celebrated in Naples on September 19th. In the ca-thedral of Naples, prayers are made for the "blood miracle" to occur, which is supposed to promise good fortune for the city. Before that, figures of saints are carried through the old town and around the cathedral is celebrated with sweets, corn on the cob and chestnuts. The day is considered an offi-cial holiday in Naples.

The pizza festival is also typical of Naples: the city's promenade becomes a party mile and a separate festival is dedicated to the famous pizza, which takes place annually in the summer months.

Culinary and nightlife

Speaking of pizza: Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza and therefore this pleasure should not be missing on any trip to Naples. The “Pizza Neapolitana” is served classically with San Marzano toma-toes and buffalo mozzrella and is considered a specialty that nowhere else tastes as good as in the place of its birth. After this pleasure, the nightlife of Naples invites you to company with friends, be-cause the countless bars and clubs belong to Naples like its pizza and Vesuvius.

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