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Poland captivates with its many sights both in the cities and in the countryside. In Poland, supposed opposites such as tradition and innovation, culture and nature, history and modernity are harmoniously combined with one another. Picturesque cities, unique national parks, hospitable people and of course culinary delights await you.

The calendar of events invites you to festivals, enjoyment and sightseeing and shows the many facets of the country. All events and more details about Polish cities can be found here on Citytixx. Plan your round trip now and make your vacation a special experience.

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Vacation in Poland

Between the Baltic Sea and the High Tatras - if you go on holiday to Poland, you can expect pleasant surprises, because it has a lot to offer: high mountains, wide beaches, countless lakes and old towns that are well worth seeing. Poland is diverse and city trips as well as hiking holidays and beach holidays are possible there.

The Polish Baltic coast is full of secluded spots. From Zakopane it goes on hiking trails up into the mountains of the High Tatras. In winter, cross-country and downhill skiing are possible here. In addition to the numerous historic old towns, Poland has various nature parks and protected areas that are worth seeing.

Event highlights

Warsaw beckons with a wealth of offers all year round. For example, friends of classical music can be enchanted by the works of Beethoven and Chopin every spring. In May young people meet and talk about the future of Europe. At the end of this mutual encounter, the annual Schuman Parade takes place. The namesake is Robert Schuman, who co-founded the European Union. Another highlight in Warsaw's calendar of events is the Polish solstice celebration in June. In addition, the western side of the Vistula will be car-free, and visitors can enjoy regional food and drink with live music. In the evening there is a big fireworks display on the river.

The venerable university city of Krakow attracts every year with a colorful program of film, literature and music events.


Krakow, the fascinating metropolis on the Vistula, was the capital of the Kingdom of Poland until 1596 and is still considered the “secret capital of Poland” to this day. In the historic old town of Krakow you will find most of the sights around the impressive Rynek Główny, the main market. Here you can marvel at the Marienkirche with the largest Gothic high altar in Europe, the imposing cloth halls in the Renaissance style and the somewhat crooked town hall tower from the 13th century.

What would a trip to Poland be without visiting its capital? Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa) is also the largest city in the country with just under 1.8 million inhabitants and is home to many cultural highlights. These include the historic old town, which was rebuilt after its complete destruction in World War II and has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. In addition to many richly decorated town houses, there is also the Gothic St. John's Cathedral and the imposing Royal Castle, the former seat of the Dukes of Mazovia and later the Polish kings.


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More highlights in Poland

One of the biggest events in Poland is the Jagiellonian Fair in Lublin in August. During the celebration there are several festivals and theatrical performances, amid lots of music and typical Polish food.

In autumn Poland fills with culture, first with the Festival of Contemporary Music in Warsaw in September and then with the International Theater Festival Dialog-Wroclaw in October.

On Citytixx you will be kept up to date about all events and hotspots, because this way you can plan your vacation according to your personal wishes and interests. The calendar of events has something for everyone.

Gourmet paradise

Poland is one of the countries with the highest meat consumption in the world. But Polish cuisine has even more to offer. The bagel comes geographically from Poland and there are many dough products and soups that are among the specialties here. Pierogi are THE Polish national dish! In terms of shape and texture, the dumplings are not so dissimilar to Italian ravioli, but they are filled and combined much more heartily. The classics are pierogi ruski ("Russian style"), which are filled with a mixture of boiled, mashed potatoes and quark. Everything that the Poles particularly appreciate from a culinary point of view is allowed in a bigos - namely sauerkraut, white cabbage, bacon, lots of meat.