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Innsbruck offers its visitors a wide range of sights, a beautiful old town and mountains that are ideal for walking, hiking, mountain biking and skiing.

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Experience Innsbruck

The Tyrolean capital is the fifth largest city in Austria and also a student city, because around 30.000 students at Innsbruck University or the Medical University of Innsbruck count this city as their secondary residence.

The city is hard to beat in terms of versatility, because everything is represented here, from cuisine to culture and nature. Both summer and winter tourism is very important in Innsbruck, because there is a lot to experience here in every season.

Historic Innsbruck

The golden roof as the symbol of the Tyrolean capital was formerly the residence of the Tyrolean sovereigns. Built in 1420, the bay window with the golden copper shingles and the embossed relief allows a glimpse into history.

The Hofburg in Innsbruck invites its visitors to visit the Habsburg residence. The ballroom as well as the imperial apartments and the Hofburg chapel provide information about the life of the Tyrolean sovereigns and Empress Maria Theresa. The picturesque landscape scenery can be admired in the adjoining courtyard garden and the palm house is also inviting for a visit.

Ambras Castle on the city limits is also a sightseeing hotspot, and a tour of the "hidden places" is a great experience for the whole family.


Whether modern art, Roman times or music - the Tyrolean State Museum has something for everyone. The exhibition has graphic and historical collections as well as scientific and art historical artefacts.

Located right next to the Hofkirche, the Tyrolean Folklore Museum is also worth a visit. Contemporary products are exhibited here, giving insights into traditional handicrafts.


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There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Highlights in Innsbruck

The state capital invites its visitors to exciting experiences. From the film festival to the culinary experience on the Innsbruck market, to concerts and major skiing events, young and old will find something to do here. For nature lovers there are plenty of ski slopes, mountain bike trails, hiking trails and walking routes.

Anyone visiting Innsbruck shouldn't miss out on a visit to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The millions of crystals in all dimensions and shapes, the giant's garden and the play tower will be an experience for the whole family.

The Innsbruck Alpine Zoo also offers an excellent daily program: the themed zoo is the highest zoo in Europe and shows 150 species on around four hectares, including farm animal breeds and other alpine animal species.

Culinary and enjoyment

The Tyrolean delicacies make everyone's mouth water. Tiroler Gröstl, Kaspressknödel and Tyrolean Speckknödel are just some of the many typical dishes. Whether it is a toque restaurant, a cozy inn or a cheese dairy - enjoyment is a top priority in Innsbruck.

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