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Citytixx General Terms and Conditions

§1. General

Citytixx.com Ltd. is not itself the organizer of any offers on the Citytixx.com homepage, Citytixx.com Ltd. acts as an agent. The events are carried out by the respective organizer. The organizer owes the customer the service acquired. There is a possibility that the organizer may apply its own terms and conditions. By booking services at Citytixx.com, Citytixx.com Ltd. is only commissioned to purchase and dispatch tickets.

§2. Standards

These general terms and conditions (GTC) apply:

  1. For commissioning the purchase and dispatch of tickets for events that are listed on the Citytixx.com homepage.
  2. For contracts and orders that relate to the mediation of trips.
  3. These terms and conditions apply to entrepreneurs as well as consumers within the meaning of § 1 Paragraph 2 KSchG.

The company's deliveries, services and offers are made exclusively on the basis of these terms and conditions, and Citytixx.com does not recognize any terms and conditions of the customer that conflict with or deviate from the terms and conditions, unless the company has expressly agreed to their validity. Contract fulfilment actions on the part of Citytixx.com do not count as consent to contractual conditions that deviate from the conditions. These terms and conditions apply as a framework agreement for all further legal transactions between the contracting parties.

§3. Contract formation

When the customer clicks on the "Buy" button, a contract offer is made. A valid contract is only created when the order confirmation is sent by Citytixx.com Ltd. This contract is concluded between the customer and the organizer of the event booked. As explained above, Citytixx.com Ltd. only acts as an agent.

§4. Prices

Unless otherwise expressly stated, all prices quoted include value added tax (VAT). Citytixx.com is entitled to increase or decrease the prices accordingly if the wage costs change due to collective bargaining agreements in the industry or in-house agreements or if other cost centres relevant to the calculation or costs necessary for the provision of services change.

§5. Terms of payment, default interest

Unless otherwise agreed, Citytixx.com Ltd's claims must be paid step by step. Discount deductions require a separate agreement. In the event of default in payment, even with partial payments, any discount agreements also expire. Payments by the customer are only deemed to have been made when they are received on the Citytixx.com Ltd. business account. If the customer defaults on payment, Citytixx.com is entitled, at Citytixx.com's option, to claim compensation for the damage actually incurred or default interest at the statutory rate. Citytixx.com is entitled, in the event of default in payment by the customer, to also demand compound interest from the day the goods are handed over.

§6. Cancellations, withdrawal, revocation

  1. For services that are provided in connection with leisure activities (accommodation if there is no residential purpose, transport of goods, rental of motor vehicles or the delivery of food and beverages) provided that Citytixx.com fulfils a specific time or period of time is contractually provided, there is no right of withdrawal in accordance with § 18 Paragraph 1 Z 10 FAGG.
  2. If the customer violates the conditions of the organizer or Citytixx.com Ltd., Citytixx.com Ltd. has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract. These conditions are pointed out before the purchase is completed, including, among other things, the violation of the restriction on the number of tickets per customer, the violation of the document conditions, in particular against resale prohibitions, attempts to circumvent them by registering and / or using several user profiles, etc.  The declaration of cancellation or withdrawal can also be made implicitly by crediting the amounts paid. According to § 18 Paragraph 1 Z 10 FAGG, customers have no right of withdrawal.
  3. For goods that do not fall into the specified area (vouchers, CDs, fan articles, etc.), the legal regulation according to FAGG applies. To exercise the right of withdrawal, send a clear declaration by post, fax, or email to Citytixx.com GmbH. This statement should state your clear intention. Please note the statutory period of fourteen days.

zum Widerrufsformular

Citytixx.com GmbH
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The cost of the return shipment will be borne by the customer. After the declaration has been sent in, the goods are checked for their conditions, properties, and functionality. If it is flawless, the customer will be refunded the payment. This repayment will be made to the same means of payment that the consumer used for the original transaction.


If you need a sample form, you can find it on our homepage.

§7. Cast, schedule and / or program changes and postponements as well as event cancellations

a.) Citytixx.com GmbH only mediates admission tickets between customers and organizers and is therefore not responsible for the reimbursement of admission fees in the event of cancellations, changes, or postponements of events. Citytixx.com GmbH assumes no liability for travel, hotel or similar costs incurred in connection with cancelled / postponed / relocated events.

b.) The return or exchange of tickets is not possible in the event of changes to the cast, the date or the time of the event or the program, even if these changes are made at short notice. Role transfers are in no way a reason for withdrawing tickets, as this is not considered a business basis for purchasing tickets. The organizers expressly reserve the right to make changes to the cast. If an event is cancelled or changed, the customer can only request a refund of the ticket price directly from the organizer, not from Citytixx.com Ltd.

c.) Citytixx.com Ltd. is not obliged to inform cardholders of any cancellations / postponements / relocations, but endeavours to do so as far as possible (this is a voluntary additional service from Citytixx.com Ltd.).

d.) If Citytixx.com charges a booking fee (system fee and service fee) or shipping costs to the customer, but the event is cancelled, these fees or expenses cannot be reimbursed to the customer under any circumstances, since the agency has already been provided by Citytixx.com Ltd.

§8. Disclaimer of liability

a.) If for technical, organizational, or other reasons it is not possible to procure the tickets booked or pre-reserved and already paid for by a customer, Citytixx.com Ltd. will refund the ticket price including any fees and expenses without any deduction.Citytixx.com Ltd. assumes no liability for expenses directly or indirectly related to the booking (which has become obsolete) (e.g. reimbursement of travel cancellation costs).

b.) Citytixx.com Ltd. is only liable for damage resulting from culpable breach of contract in the event of its own fault or that of a vicarious agent for intent or gross negligence. Liability for culpable injury to life, limb or health remains unaffected; this also applies to mandatory liability under the Product Liability Act. The injured party must prove the existence of slight or gross negligence unless it is a consumer transaction. In addition, the statutory warranty provisions apply. The assignment of a claim of the customer is excluded.

c.) Neither the organizer nor the sales outlets can guarantee the correctness and completeness of the event data posted on Citytixx.com Ltd. due to the possibility of influencing the ticket sales system through transmission errors, technical malfunctions, or illegal interventions by third parties. The ticket buyer has the right to withdraw if the ticket order was made on the basis of the event data that can be proven to have been incorrectly switched on Citytixx.com Ltd. and thus data (date, prices, locations) that are verifiably relevant for the ticket purchase are subsequently made by Citytixx.com Ltd. or by the organizers need to be changed. Processing fees paid in addition to the ticket price will not be refunded.

d.) Citytixx.com Ltd. assumes no liability for actions, omissions or other conduct of organizers, other customers, advertising partners and / or sponsors in connection with the services of Citytixx.com Ltd. or with the use of the Citytixx.com website.

e.) Access to and use of the website, as well as any information contained or referenced therein, is the sole responsibility of the user.

References to other internet sites are characteristic elements of the WWW, however the contents of referred sites are not part of this website. A guarantee or liability for content and changes in content on linked pages is expressly excluded.

§9. Video recordings

While attending the event, any sound and / or image recordings by the event visitor are prohibited unless the organizer has given his prior consent to such recordings.

§10. Copyright

Citytixx.com Ltd. is the owner of all rights to the images and content on the Citytixx.com homepage. These images or the content can only be used after a written agreement.

§11. Privacy policy

The handling of personal data is regulated in the data protection declaration. This can be called up at any time at www.citytixx.com.

§12. Other provisions

a.) Changes, additions

Any change or addition to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties. Oral side agreements between the contracting parties are void.

b.) Pre-contractual agreement

From the time the contract is concluded, any agreements that were previously made become invalid. This means that this contract is concluded without additional agreements.

c.) Severability clause

Should points of the contract be ineffective due to mandatory law, this does not affect the effectiveness of the other points. Every ineffective point is cancelled, instead the applicable law applies.

§13. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Only Austrian law is applicable to this contract, excluding the conflict of law rules and the UN sales law. For all legal disputes arising from or in connection with this contract, the court in whose district Citytixx.com Ltd. is based is solely responsible.

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