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In no other city can you stroll through the alleys, drink mulled wine, enjoy a beer and look at the beautiful architecture as well as in Prague. Read here what makes the city so special and let yourself be enchanted.

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Prague, the city of a thousand spiers

There are several explanations for why Prague is called the “Golden City”: On the one hand, Emperor Charles IV had the towers of Prague Castle gilded. On the other hand, Rudolf II supported several alchemists in their search for gold.

The name “Prague, the city of a thousand spiers” has also been known for several centuries. There are now around 500 towers and observation towers from different eras in the city. But that's not the only reason why many millions of tourists travel to the metropolis every year: Romanesque rotundas, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque and Renaissance palaces: In Prague there are historical buildings from the most varied of architectural styles.

In 1992, UNESCO declared the historical core of Prague a World Heritage Site. The area includes the Hradschin mountain with the Prague Castle, the Lesser Town district, the old town including Charles Bridge and Josefstadt as well as the New Town. In 2000, Prague was the European Capital of Culture.


The capital on the Vltava has a lot to offer, because the many sightseeing opportunities that delight old and young and make the city so fascinating. The symbol of the city is the Charles Bridge - one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe and connects the Prague districts of Malá Strana and Staré Mesto. The Hradschin describes the historical quarter on Prague Castle Hill. The must-see on Hradcany Mountain is Prague Castle, the political and cultural center of the city and of the entire Czech nation. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most famous highlights of Prague Castle.

The Dancing House is one of Prague's modern landmarks. The curious building was built in 1996 by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić.

For centuries, the attention of Prague passers-by and visitors to the city has been captivated by the famous Prague astronomical clock, which has adorned the facade of the Old Town Hall since 1410.

Art and culture pure

History up close - Those who prefer to visit one of the many museums are well advised to go to the Speculum Alchemiae. This is an alchemist's laboratory open to the public that was discovered during the reconstruction of one of the oldest buildings in Prague. Since the Speculum Alchemiae is located in the Jewish Quarter, this goal is worth twice as much.

The National Gallery is a must-see for all art fans, as is the Gallery of Steel Figures, where visitors can expect figures and vehicles assembled from steel.

The Prague State Opera is well worth a visit. Whether opera, ballet or concert - the combination of the stylish building and the impressive ambience amazes visitors. Prague has a lot to offer musically and music lovers will definitely find what they are looking for on their trip to Prague.


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There are no events available at the moment


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Event hotspot Prague

Prague Winter Festival - an annual festival of operas, ballet and classical music - it usually starts in the first week of January and takes place in the Prague National Theater, Estates Theater and Rudolfinum.

Prague Spring International Music Festival is a famous three-week series of classical music and dance performances in churches, castles and concert halls, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Tanec Praha is an international contemporary dance festival bringing together the best local and international talent. The festival is one of the most successful in Prague today.

One of the best music festivals, Prague Autumn, welcomes conductors from all over the world to play with the Philharmonic and the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

Cuisine and Nightlife in Prague

Czech - or Bohemian - cuisine is one thing above all: hearty. And not exactly suitable for vegetarians. It is reminiscent of Austrian, Bavarian or Hungarian cuisine: a lot of meat - especially pork - dumplings and potatoes are served. In addition, a soup is often a classic starter. The goulash soup is also particularly well-known - here in Prague it is often served in a whole loaf of bread and is a great winter meal! Also super tasty: Fried or pickled ermine cheese, which is often eaten here as a beer snack!

The beer in Prague, here called “pivo”, is simply part of it! A few of his brands are known to beer connoisseurs around the world: Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Urquell in particular.

If you really want to experience something at night, Prague is “the place to be”! And in many ways, because Prague offers the full all-round package when it comes to an exciting and varied evening program! From huge clubs that stretch over several floors to hundreds of small pubs, cellar bars, terrace bars, crazy house parties and the popular beer gardens.

Shopping and Fashion in Prague

From Wenceslas Square with its numerous fashion stores to the shopping outlet in Prague, the medieval city is a true paradise for fashionistas. Wenceslas Square is over 700 meters long, making it one of the largest squares in Europe. At the same time, you can also shop for all you can and in the evening the bars and clubs invite you to dance.

Pařízka úlica (Paris Street) is the most expensive and luxurious shopping street in Prague. In return, visitors are offered a lot of lifestyle and designer goods here.

Highlights in Czech Republic