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Budapest, the metropolis on the Danube, is one of the most popular travel destinations and also one of the most visited cities in Europe. The romantic city attracts with architectural highlights, great sights, hearty cuisine and a unique flair. The historic districts make Budapest an unforgettable experience.

Let yourself be inspired by our tips for your Budapest tour and find your favorite events and event highlights on Citytixx. You can find all the latest information and tickets right here. Those who love city trips should definitely not miss a visit to Budapest!


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Budapest – – „Paris oft he East“

Budapest not only counts as a metropolis thanks to its beautiful sights - many Hollywood films also owe their backdrops to the Danube metropolis. World stars like Bruce Willis or Brad Pitt shot various blockbusters in the Hungarian capital.

However, the incomparable atmosphere of Budapest remains untouched by the films, as this earned the city the nickname “Paris of the East”. Romantic flair and the Danube as the central river create certain parallels to the French capital. The romance arises mainly from the beautiful churches and palaces, which connoisseurs immediately associate with the Austrian Empress Sissi.

Landmarks and CO

When visiting Budapest, the parliament building on the banks of the Danube is at the top of the to-do list. You can not only experience impressive architecture there, but also, for example, on a detour to the Fisherman's Bastion, which was built in the same period as the parliament building. Heroes' Square can be found in the east of the city and is also one of the landmarks of the Hungarian capital. After a visit to Heroes' Square, continue in the Castle District to the Castle Palace, which is considered the largest building in the city and is home to museums and government meetings

Chain Bridge

The city's many bridges shape the image of Budapest and connect the city districts with one another. The oldest and most famous bridge is the Chain Bridge, which is considered a national symbol and also adorns postage stamps and coins. The bridge is an absolute highlight, especially at night, because the great lighting contributes to the romantic atmosphere of the city.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


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Events in Budapest

Budapest is known as Hungary's event hotspot and is the venue for great festivals every year. Seasonal specialties such as the Budapest Christmas Fair or the Budapest Spring Festival attract visitors from all over the world. Combine your vacation in the beautiful city with a seasonal event and get to know Budapest even better.

The Sziget Festival is an absolute must for music fans, because world-famous DJs and acts perform here and turn the city into a party metropolis. But Budapest is also a party capital away from festivals - if you want to dance the night away, it is best to make a detour to the city center.

On Citytixx, all information about the events is kept up-to-date on a daily basis so that you do not miss any special features on your city trip.

Culinary specialties

The Hungarian cuisine invites you to enjoy hearty meals. Typical dishes such as goulash, dishes with Hungarian salami or great desserts such as the Esterházy cake are particularly well-known. For little money, there are also great menus in the city's retro restaurants, where the Hungarian flair is brought particularly close.

Highlights in Hungary