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Hamburg- Citytixx


The event calendar in Hamburg is bursting with adventure, versatility, and experiences. The port me-tropolis is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin and scores with interesting tour options, an impressive panorama, and many cult districts.

All tickets and information about events in Hamburg are updated daily on Citytixx so that no event highlight remains hidden from you. Let yourself be inspired by great adventure ideas and the Hamburg flair and make your city trip an unforgettable experience!

Classical concerts in Hamburg

There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Get to know Hamburg

The port metropolis of Hamburg, also known as “the gateway to the world”, impresses its visitors with its many waterways and green spaces.

Did you know that the Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus district are UNESCO World Heritage? But that's not the only reason why the city is worth a visit.

Immerse yourself in the special Hamburg atmosphere on a city tour and let yourself be enchanted by the striking sights such as Hamburg's main churches or the Elbphilharmonie as landmarks.

Discovery tours through Hamburg

The port of Hamburg is the most important attraction for many visitors, but the cult districts such as the Reeperbahn or the Hafencity are definitely worth a look. The Alster characterizes the beautiful cityscape and the former traffic routes of the city canals now invite you to get to know culture and history.

The facets of the big city astonish visitors and make a visit to Hamburg an unforgettable experience.

Museums and exhibitions

Hamburg offers a top selection of interesting exhibitions and museums that have something for every interest.

Whether you want to get to know the history of Hamburg in the Museum of Hamburg History, examine the largest model railway in the world in the Miniatur Wunderland or explore topics such as economy or art in more detail, the around 60 museums invite you to diverse encounters.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

More Events ins Hamburg

In addition to interesting city tours and impressive highlights of the city of Hamburg, clubs, bars and other locations invite you to exciting experiences. Whether musicals, shows, concerts or exhibitions, entertainment is very important in Hamburg.

On Citytixx you can design your individual trip according to your personal wishes. Get all information and tickets here to fill your own event calendar and experience Hamburg up close

Hamburg evening and night scene

In addition to event highlights in Hamburg, the trendy districts offer many pubs and clubs that bring your multi-faceted day to a close. Celebrate parties in the Reeperbahn’s amusement mile or spend a cosy evening in one of the many top restaurants in town.

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