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Hungary not only scores with its beautiful capital Budapest - the landscape and cities of the Central European country bring a great variety with them. Hungary offers its visitors great cities, beautiful and idyllic landscapes, great food and bathing opportunities such as Lake Balaton, which is also known as the "Hungarian Sea".

The events range from Formula 1 Grand Prix to festivals such as Balaton Sound or the Sziget Festival to seasonal celebrations such as the Christmas fair or the Spring Festival. Let yourself be inspired by the Hungarian range of events and holidays and book your favorite events now on Citytixx. Plan your vacation with us and experience an unforgettable time on your city trip!

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Travel highlights Hungary

A trip to Hungary offers opportunities for all interests. The country has a diverse fauna and flora, but also shows its best side with its large cities and metropolises. The most relevant travel destination is Lake Balaton, which is often referred to as the "Hungarian Sea". This part of Hungary is characterized by family-friendly holiday destinations, festival areas, sports regions and hunting areas.

In addition to the wide range of leisure activities, Hungary also scores with culinary highlights, because Hungarian cuisine spoils gourmets with top dishes, regardless of whether it is a spicy main course or a sweet dessert


Budapest is considered to be the most visited city in Hungary, it alone is already suitable for a weekend trip. Particularly worth seeing are, for example, the Royal Palace, where Habsburg emperors once lived, or the Parliament, which is an imposing building on the banks of the Danube.

But there are other interesting highlights to discover throughout the landscape. The Horto-bagy National Park allows insights into the beautiful heathland Puszta and shows its most beautiful side with its unique nature.

Culture and history

Anyone visiting Hungary should definitely not miss out on the cultural highlights. Esterhazy Palace is an absolute fairytale palace in the Fertö-Hansag National Park, while the Pannonnhalma Archabbey offers insights into the architecture of the past thousand years.

Pecs also invites you on a journey into the past, because here you can admire Art Nouveau houses and an imposing cathedral and visit interesting museums that tell the history of Hungary.


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Events und festivals in Hungary

“Anyone who says A must also say B” - the same applies to Hungary and its festivals. Music enthusiasts in particular come to life here, because whether it's Balaton Sound, the Sziget Festival or the Volt Festival, the world's most famous DJs and performers regularly travel to Hungary to give their performances.

Hungary also scores with seasonal festivals such as the Budapest Christmas Fair, the Spring Festival or the Wine Festival, which attracts visitors from all surrounding cities and countries. Art and culture are not neglected either, because exhibitions are just as much a part of the agenda as trade fairs and other events.

Enjoyment and night program

Hungary has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine, because gourmets will be delighted with goulash, Hungarian salami, Esterházy cake and also Austrian delicacies such as schnitzel or apple strudel. You don't have to look far for the nightlife, especially in Budapest, you just have to let yourself drift away - countless pubs, bars and clubs invite you to great party nights and unforgettable experiences.