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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and, as a fascinating metropolis full of sights and interesting places, has something for every taste. With its dynamic mix of k.u.k. and Balkan past to offer magnificent monuments, interesting museums and idyllic green spaces.

Let yourself be inspired and experience the multifaceted culture and exciting worlds. You can find all tickets and information about the Zagreb highlights right here on Citytixx. Make your city trip an unforgettable experience and let yourself be seduced by the Zagreb flair.


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Zagreb, a city with a rich history

Zagreb is characterized by its Austro-Hungarian architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. In the upper town of Gornji Grad there is the cathedral with the twin towers and the St. Mark's Church with the colorful roof.

The numerous street cafes on the pedestrian street Tkalčićeva Ulica are very close by. In the lower town of Donji Grad there is the main square, Ban Jelačić, as well as shops, museums and parks.

Attractions in Zagreb

The widely visible Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin in Zagreb is one of the most famous churches in the country and impresses with its elaborate neo-Gothic architecture and a history of almost a thousand years of destruction and reconstruction. The second famous place of worship in Zagreb is the picturesque St. Mark's Church. Its unmistakable coat of arms makes it the symbol of the Upper Town.

On Jelačić Square there is hustle and bustle day and night thanks to Croatian’s shopping and chatting, street musicians and tourists on their way to Zagreb's sights. As a connection between the upper town and the lower town of Zagreb, the centrally located Ban Jelačić Square is the most important meeting place for tourists and locals. People like to meet “kod sata na trgu”, “by the clock at the place”.

The impressive Lotrščak tower in the upper town was once a watchtower, bell tower and cannon tower and now functions as a lookout tower and an unmistakable symbol of Zagreb.

Museums and cultural institutions

The National Theater on Tito Square is not only Zagreb's magnificent stage for the most important plays, operas and ballet performances, but with its impressive architecture is also one of the city's most important sights.

With over 3,700 works of art by international masters, the Mimara Museum in Zagreb's former high school is one of the most valuable private collections in the world and should not be missed when on holiday in Zagreb.

A museum of a different kind is the Museum of Broken Relationships. It was named the most innovative museum in Europe and houses relics from all over Europe that tell stories of past love and passion.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

More Events

The FIS Ski World Cup Snow Queen Trophy takes place on January 3rd (women's race) and 6th (men's race) every year in Zagreb (on the mountain above the city!). The event is unique in that it is the only ski world cup race in a major city.

Ljeto na Strosu (“Summer on Strosu”) is a series of music and other fun events on Strossmayer Boulevard in the upper town of Zagreb. It takes place annually every summer from around the end of May to the beginning of September.

All dates and information are updated daily on Citytixx so that you don't miss any event highlights. Pure culture - on your Dubrovnik trip.

Culinary delights in Zagreb

Zagreb has a rich history when it comes to cuisine. Sir i vrhnje is a mixture of cottage cheese and sour cream. A classic that you are sure to find all the ingredients for at the Dolac Market! Sir i vrhnje is typically made with garlic and spices and eaten with bread.

The Purica i mlinci, a traditional dish made of roast turkey and a side dish of homemade flatbread, looks like pasta. The famous orehnjača, a nut roll, is also sold in this market.

Relaxation in Zagreb

The Maksimir Park in Zagreb is the oldest and largest park in southern Europe and, with its gardens, forests, lakes, pavilions and sculptures, is protected as a natural and cultural monument and invites you to relax.

The Botanical Garden of Zagreb on Trg Marulicev belongs to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and impresses its visitors with free entry with an idyllic variety of native and exotic plants.

Highlights in Croatia