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With almost 400,000 inhabitants, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague. It is located in the southeast of the country. The city was built between 1021 and 1034 as Brno Castle and later founded as the royal city of Bohemia. Brno is an ancient city that is very rich in customs and traditions. It offers a relaxed and quiet atmosphere far away from the tourist crowds.

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Brno, the city of music

Brno has joined the UNESCO network of creative cities. She wanted to become a member because music life is very intense here. The city is the metropolis of one of the most musical areas in the world due to Moravian folk art.

Numerous musical personalities were also active here, with Leoš Janáček at the helm. And above all, Brno is unique in the breadth of musical genres. This ranges from opera to classical music, musicals and jazz to world music, folklore or the club scene.


The town hall is the main attraction of the city. The crocodile's bellows, which is a symbol of Brno, is kept here. Another historical attraction is the Spilsberg Fortress, which served as the city's main prison for a long time. The St. Paul and Pavel Church, whose harmonious peaks rise proudly above the city buildings, is a neo-Gothic architectural model. One of the most visited places by the tourists is the St. Jan Cathedral, which attracts the public with its luxurious interior design and the delicacy of the decoration. This place is particularly popular with lovers, because it is believed that it brings luck and connects loving hearts for eternity.

In Brno you can see a lot of interesting architectural monuments; the fine example of the modernist style is the Villa Tugendhat. It was built in 1930 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has many unique features.

Art and culture pure

Brno museums definitely worth a visit. Some facilities of this type deserve special attention - these are the Musée Technické muzeum, the Moravské muzeum Pavilon Anthropos (here you can learn the history of human origins), the Galerie Zetor (a museum dedicated to tractors), the Umeleckoprumyslove Muzeum ( here you can admire works of applied arts) and Meninska Brana (an exhibition showcasing all kinds of toys that are loved by children). Lovers of contemporary art go to Polagraph Brno.

One of the most interesting museums in the city is the Museum of the Moravian Land, it occupies the complex of several luxury palaces. Within the walls of historical buildings there is an eclectic collection of historical exhibits, where you can also see old cars and collections of medieval weapons and works of art, as well as some curious collections of science exhibits.

The Brno City Museum is located at the Spilberg Castle. The visitors can see the casemate with the torture chamber and the torture devices, the baroque pharmacy, the lappidarium, they can climb to the observation tower, and the northern and western wings of the fortress are accessible.


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Events hotspot Brno

Many interesting festivals are celebrated in Brno throughout the year. Each festival has its own unique traditions and customs, but national festivals also have similarities. You can't imagine a festival without lots of goodies and the popular national drink - beer.

One week before Lent, the festival of Masopust is celebrated, the name of which can literally be translated as "fasting of the meat". Other festivals that are held in the city are equally attractive to tourists because they are very original and interesting. So you can experience such an event in mid-February as STYL-KABO - BVV Messe Brno. Many fashion designers and brands present their fashion concepts at the event.

Fans of electronic music will meet in Brno at the end of November. The thing is that this period is marked by Apocalypsa Judgment Night. The most famous DJs gather all clubbers in one place (the city of Brno).

Another interesting event that attracts hundreds of tourists takes place at the end of May. This is the Ignis Brunensis Fireworks Festival. The whole city is transforming, fire shows.

Eating and going out in Brno

Brno offers its guests to visit nice restaurants and cafes. They will delight visitors not only with the abundance of dishes and the variety of culinary delights, but also with a cozy atmosphere and a high level of service.

Brno's regional cuisine is high in calories and very nutritious. For this reason, many foreign guests prefer to order a dish for two. Local restaurants have a lot of interesting meat dishes that are worth trying, and polevka meat soup is definitely one of them.

Bars and restaurants in Brno are a real gem for all fans of Czech beer, as there are dozens of types of the popular foam drink.

After a busy day, vacationers can go to one of the local clubs. In Brno there are suitable facilities for experienced clubbers and lovers of the colorful disco, as well as for music lovers.

Shopping and Fashion in Brno

Brno will not disappoint shoppers, the city has a wide variety of shops and shopping centers. For clothes, shoes and perfumes from the world's leading brands, one should visit the Galerie Vankovka shopping center. Its visitors will be delighted not only with a wide range of goods, but also with the attentive behavior of the staff. It is simply impossible to leave the Vankovka Gallery without making a purchase.

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