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Rome, the capital of Italy, should be on every travel to-do list. The city is known for its important sights, buildings, and imposing museums.

Let yourself be inspired and experience the multifaceted culture and exciting worlds. All tickets and information about the Rome highlights can be found here on Citytixx. Make your city trip an unforget-table experience and let yourself be seduced by the romantic flair.


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Rome - the Eternal City

The name of the "eternal city" goes back to the 1st century BC. BC, because the poet Tibullus gave Rome its name at this time. According to legends, the Italian city was founded as early as 753 BC. BC, but it is also possible that it is even older than expected.

Particularly important for the city is the Vatican, which, together with the old town and the St. Peter's Cathedral, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Every walk-through Rome leads to a deep insight into the history of the Eternal City.

Attractions in Rome

The Colosseum, the huge amphitheatre, is considered one of the most interesting landmarks in Rome. Once the venue for gladiator fights, the gigantic ruin now transports you to another era. Particularly worth seeing when visiting Rome is St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, which invites you to visit and be amazed.

Churches and museums

Rome is not only considered the eternal city, but also the city of churches, as no fewer than 900 churches open their gates to visitors. For example, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, the largest St. Mary's Church in Rome, is particularly interesting.

Sightseeing highlights definitely include the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums, which present valuable art treasures from the church and cast a spell over visitors with the paintings by Michelangelo.


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More Events

In addition to the historical sights and imposing churches and museums, the city invites to interesting events. The annual "Natale di Roma" parade celebrates the city's birthday and you can marvel at au-thentic costumes and armour. The parade takes place every year on April 21st and is one of the high-lights of Rome's events.

Rome becomes an international hotspot not only in spring, but also in autumn. The Roman film festi-vals attract stars from around the world and screen films across the city. You should not miss this!

On Citytixx, all dates and information are updated daily so that you don't miss any event highlights. Pure culture - on your Rome trip.

Culinary specialties

In addition to events and sights in Rome, the Italian cuisine enchants your palate with specialties such as pizza, pasta, gelato, and Co. The flair of the beautiful city is within your grasp, especially in the romantic cafes in the old town.

Highlights in Italy