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Dresden- Citytixx

Current events in Dresden

The state capital of Saxony delights its visitors with architecture, art, music, sightseeing, culinary, trips and tuours, classical concerts. Let yourself be invited, experience the many facets of Dresden, and make your stay an adventure.

Let yourself be inspired by events, culinary, sightseeing, classical concerts, trips and tours in Dresden on Citytixx and plan your individual adventure day. Here you will find all descriptions and tickets for your personal highlights.

Classical concerts in Dresden

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Sightseeing in Dresden

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Discover Dresden, sightseeing

Dresden is a city of culture with a beautiful old town.

The city enchants its visitors with impressive sightseeing, trips and tuors, castles, churches, and interesting buildings. Old and young are always invited to spend wonderful hours.

With over 60% forest and green space, Dresden is also one of the greenest cities in Europe, so relaxation is just as guaranteed here as exciting experiences in the big city.

Sightseeing, trips and tours in Dresden

For culture lovers, Dresden is worth a visit thanks to its many sights, tours and trips, culinary, classical concerts, imposing buildings, and impressive architecture. In any case, the centre of the old town is the women's church, which is the city's landmark. For art fans, the nearby Fürstenzug, a mural over 100 meters long, is a popular highlight.

Not only culturally, but also architecturally special are the cathedral, the Semper Opera House and the Zwinger, which houses a picture gallery and its extensive porcelain collection.

Art, Music and classical concerts

From the Dresden Music Festival to film nights to galleries and exhibitions, the German city is a hotspot for art lovers. Various topics invite young and old to experience it first-hand, be it a city museum, modern art or a botanical garden.

Culinary in Dresden

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Others in Dresden

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More events in Dresden

In addition to cultural and historical highlights, open-air festivals, city festivals and festivities invite you to exciting events in Dresden.

The capital of Saxony offers a wide range of activities all year round that will make your visit even more interesting. Whether Elbhangfest, Castle Night or celebrations in the city centre, there is something for every interest.

A visit to Dresden will be a highlight, especially at Christmas time, because the Striezelmarkt annually welcomes guests from all over the world and has therefore more than earned the name “Christmas City”. Book the tickets for your favorite events now and make your city trip something very special.


For gourmets, Dresden has many cafés, restaurants, beer gardens and gourmet restaurants ready to pamper the palates of their visitors. In addition, the capital's clubs and bars offer various party highlights that turn night into day.

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