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Frankfurt- Citytixx


If you only think of the skyline and the stock exchange when you think of Frankfurt, you have not yet experienced the diversity of the city first-hand. From a beautiful old town to modern architecture, museums and exhibitions to festivals and markets, the metropolis really has a lot to offer.

All tickets and more information about events in Frankfurt are always kept up to date here on Citytixx, so that you don't miss any highlights during your stay.

Classical concerts in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt up close

It is well known that Frankfurt am Main, with the headquarters of Deutsche Börse and the European Central Bank, is a world-famous financial hotspot. But that's not all: With one of the largest airports in the world, the city is also an important economic centre for business people and tourists.

Anyone who now thinks that Frankfurt is big, and confusing is wrong. The city is known for its top infrastructure, which allows you to reach all important meeting points at lightning speed, and so you can easily immerse yourself in the wonderful culture of the metropolis.

History and Culture

Away from the ultra-modern Frankfurt skyline, the romantic old town allows a glimpse into the history of the Main metropolis. The patrician house, the town hall, is considered a gem of Frankfurt and was built in 1405. The Archaeological Garden and the numerous museums that offer experiences for young and old alike provide further insights into the culture and history of the city.

Worth seeing

As Goethe's birthplace, a visit to the Goethe House should of course not be missed, but there is still more to see. The Eiserne Steg not only allows a breath-taking view of the city panorama, it is also a well-known photo hotspot that connects the city centre with Sachsenhausen.

A special highlight is a boat tour on the Main, during which the city can be explored from the water. The architectural features on the banks of the museum can also be admired, which is another attraction of the city.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


In addition to the Frankfurt attractions, the folk festivals and festivals also invite you to experience. Whether open-air events, markets or traditional folk events, there is something for everyone here. Concerts are given here as well as the celebration of the apple wine festival, for which Frankfurt is famous in many places.

On Citytixx you will find an overview of all upcoming dates, events and highlights so that you do not miss anything. This is how you can make your visit to Frankfurt a personal experience.

Enjoyment and evening program

The Frankfurt cuisine seduces the palate and spoils culinary fans with specialties such as Frankfurt ribs, hand cheese or green sauce - the latter, by the way, was one of Goethe's favourite dishes. The national drink, Frankfurt's apple wine, must of course not be forgotten. For the night owls there is also a wide range of bars and clubs in the city, inviting you to cocktails and other drinks.

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