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Salzburg – Citytixx

Current events in Salzburg

Interested in current events in Salzburg?

Salzburg offers visitors a variety of classical concerts, delicious cuisine, cultural and musical events and exciting sights.

Discover the city of Mozart, Salzburg today and experience the culture up close. Enjoy classical concerts, Salzburg sightseeing and gastronomy in Salzburg

Classical concerts in Salzburg

There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Discover Salzburg - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Salzburg, with its romantic alleys, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But that's not all: thanks to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg achieved worldwide fame. In addition, the Salzburg Festival and the unforgettable film "The Sound of Music" are closely linked to this enchanting city.

Salzburg captivates with its picturesque parks, the impressive Hohensalzburg Fortress, outstanding culinary delights, classical concerts and numerous other events.

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Cultural Metropolis - from the Cathedral Quarter to the Residence

Discover the cultural highlights of Salzburg!

Between the winding streets of the old town, buildings steeped in history and green parks, every walk through Salzburg becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Visit Salzburg's Mirabell Palace, water features and architectural masterpieces, Getreidegasse and immerse yourself in the world of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by exploring his birthplace, the cradle of musical genius.

Delve into Salzburg's diverse history, discover its culture and culinary delights and experience unforgettable concerts, impressive museums, holy churches and exciting exhibitions.

Salzburg Castles and Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hohensalzburg Fortress: a majestic view of the city.

Start with the Hohensalzburg Fortress, a landmark that towers over the city. Then be enchanted by Mirabell Palace with its enchanting Mirabell Gardens and Hellbrunn Palace with its impressive water feature.

For all those who appreciate romance and culture, Salzburg offers a variety of places worth seeing. A tour of the city's magnificent castles provides deep insights into Salzburg's historical heritage.


There are no events available at the moment

More events, classical concerts, sightseeing in Salzburg

Salzburg: The cradle of classical music.

Salzburg fascinates its visitors with a mixture of opera, drama and classical concerts, with the renowned performance of "Jedermann" standing out as a particular highlight.

In addition to the impressive historic castles and diverse museums, Salzburg constantly offers a range of exciting events and current events, including classical concerts and culinary highlights.

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Evening entertainment and night life

Salzburger Nockerl: A culinary highlight in the shadow of the fortress.

From quaint beer gardens to traditional inns and gourmet restaurants, Salzburg offers a wide variety of options for foodies. Many menus feature classics such as Salzburger Bierfleisch and the famous Salzburger Nockerle.

Those looking for entertainment can find it. Three vibrant nightlife districts are home to bars, clubs and cozy Irish pubs.