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Current events in Salzburg

Interest in current events in Salzburg?

Salzburg presents its visitors with a variety of culinary events, classical concerts in Salzburg and exciting tours. Discover the Mozart city of Salzburg now and experience culture and history up close!

On Citytixx you will find interesting facts and tickets for classical concerts, tours and all other events so that you can plan your day ac-cording to your personal interests. Book now and discover!

Classical concerts in Salzburg

There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Explore Salzburg

With its romantic streets, Salzburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But not only that: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made his hometown world-famous, and the Salzburg Festival and the film “The Sound of Music” can also be associated with the magnificent state capital.

The city is known for its idyllic parks, classical concerts, culinary, the Hohensalzburg Fortress and many other attractions.

The cultural metropolis of Salzburg

Picturesque old town streets, historically valuable buildings and spacious parks make a walk through Salzburg a real experience. The birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the world-famous composer and child prodigy, can be visited in Getreidegasse. Get to know the multifaceted history of Salzburg and visit museums, classical concerts, churches and interesting exhibitions.

Salzburg castles

Starting with the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which towers high above Salzburg and is considered a land-mark of the city, through to Mirabell Palace with its unique Mirabell Gardens and Hellbrunn Palace, which amazes visitors with its famous water features: The city has a lot in its repertoire for romantics and culture enthusiasts. A guided tour through all the castles allows deep insights into the history of Salzburg.



There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

More events in Salzburg

In addition to the historic castles and diverse museums, Salzburg continuously invites its visitors to exciting events.

The Salzburg Festival is particularly well-known, delighting guests with operas, plays, classical concerts and especially convincing with the famous interpretation of "Jedermann" as the central act.

On Citytixx you will find information on all events such as cultural days, classical concerts, seasonal events and guided tours - so you can plan your vacation in the cultural city perfectly. 

Evening entertainment and night life

Be it a beer garden, tavern or gourmet restaurant - Salzburg has a wide range in store for connoisseurs. Well-known delicacies such as Salzburger Bierfleisch or Salzburger Nockerl can be found on almost every menu. But the party program is also taken care of - three party miles offer visitors fun in bars, clubs and Irish pubs.

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