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Italy, the true land of love. Nowhere else is the flair as romantic as here and it is not for nothing that the country is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Beautiful cities, idyllic landscapes, tasty wine and great food - a city trip through Italy has something for every interest.

The events in Italy attract globetrotters and city tourists and provide an insight into the country's cul-ture. All descriptions and information about events and highlights are continuously updated on City-tixx. Let yourself be inspired and spend a great time in the “boot” of Europe.

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Italian diversity

The Italian landscape develops from the Alps in the north over the beautiful hilly landscape of Tuscany to picturesque coastal towns that invite you to take walks on the beach. The Italian culture is shaped by the influences of the Roman times, the Renaissance and the Baroque and thus allows an insight into the most different epochs of the time.

Italy scores with a high standard of living and is the country with the most world heritage that have been awarded by UNESCO. As a tourist area, it is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Attractions across the country

The Grand Canal in the lagoon city of Venice, the Leaning Tower in Pisa, the Milan Cathedral, ... these are just three of the countless highlights of Italy. In addition to independent small states such as the Vatican City or San Marino, the country impresses its visitors with beautiful lakes, idyllic islands such as Sicily and Co. and the specialties of Italian cuisine.


Cultural characteristics

The country in southern Europe has a lot to offer for those interested in culture. Italian history is shaped by architectural highlights, world-famous masterpieces such as churches and buildings as well as monasteries. Famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buanarotti and Raffael lived and created their works in Italy and thus gained prestige all over the world. Special highlights include, for example, Michelangelo's ceiling painting in the Sistine Chapel and the illustration “The Last Supper” in the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie.


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Events in Italy

From jazz to opera to pop and rock'n'roll - Italy scores with regular top concerts and artists from all over the world. Whether a visit to the famous La Traviata opera, the Ravello Festival on the Amalfi Coast, Rock in Roma or the Milano Summer Festival, there is something for everyone here.

At Citytixx we will inform you about all upcoming events, events and cultural highlights so that you don't miss a thing. Book your tickets here and plan your personal trip to Italy.

Culinary tour

Italian cuisine is not only represented on vacation or city trips, but also at home and in local restau-rants. But nowhere do pizza and pasta taste better than in the idyllic restaurants in Italy. The ice cream is the highlight of every stroll through the city on hot summer days and the typical Italian espresso also has a very special touch here. Italy counts as a paradise for gourmets and scores with a variety of specialties, also apart from vino, pasta and Co.