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Impressionen Klassik – Citytixx

Classical music, classical concerts

In Europe, classical music is considered to be traditional art music of the 18th and 19th centuries. The demanding compositions but also the instrumental music are typical features of classical music such as operas, concerts and symphonies.

Classical concerts

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Is classical music your passion? We have the best classical concerts and classical music, opera and ballet ready for classic events fans.

The epoch of classical music is associated with many world-famous names: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johan Strauss, Joseph Haydn, Giuseppe Verdi and Johannes Brahms. Classical music and classical concerts, ballet and opera are among the most important cultural features of every city.

Visit the most beautiful classic concerts and classical music, opera, ballet and performances in your favorite cities and get to know the concert halls and operas of the world.

Would you like to attend a classical concert and classical music in Vienna, Salzburg, Madrid, Munich or Dresden?

Enjoy classical concerts and classic music, ballet and opera in high quality with the Citytixx.

Here you can find information about all classic events, classical concerts and classical music in your favorite city.

Book tickets for classical concerts and classic music right here on Citytixx and put together your perfect daily schedule yourself.