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Capital of Belgium, heart of Europe, city of pralines - Brussels has many different facets and should be on every travel to-do list. The city is known for its contrasting architecture, numerous art and cultural treasures, its European institutions and, last but not least, for its praline and waffle specialties.

Let yourself be inspired and experience the multifaceted culture and exciting worlds. All tickets and information about the Brussels highlights can be found here on Citytixx. Make your city trip an unforgettable experience and let yourself be seduced by the Belgian flair.


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Brussels - the heart of Europe

Brussels as the heart of Europe has long been shaped by numerous different cultures. Thanks to the headquarters of the EU and NATO in Brussels, people from all over the world meet here.

Belgian - European - international. You can hear so many different languages spoken in the city. In the Europe quarter, English is the language that is always understood. The official languages are French and Flemish.

How rich in contrasts Brussels is can be seen on a city tour. Seen from above, the city offers numerous viewpoints as it is located on seven hills.

Attractions in Brussels

The bronze figure of the cheeky, water-swirling little boy is the symbol of Brussels. Even if it measures less than a meter (61cm high), it is one of the most popular Brussels attractions.

The Atomium, which is a 102 m high steel construction, is futuristic, innovative and symbolic. 5 of the 9 balls can be viewed. In the uppermost of them there is a restaurant, where you can also enjoy a wonderful view of Brussels.

Museums and cultural institutions

Brussels not only offers numerous works of art worth seeing, but also many museums. Art and culture fans will love Mont des Arts because it is a unique combination of numerous museums and world-class cultural institutions. Around the Mont des Arts there are 16 buildings such as the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Magritte Museum, the Cinematek, the Musical Instruments Museum, the BELvue Museum, the BOZAR Palace of Fine Arts and the General State Archives.


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More Events

In addition to the historical sights and imposing museums, the city invites you to interesting events. Winter spectacles, fairs and flower dreams show the city from its artistic and playful side. The Midi Fair is one of the oldest popular festivals in the country and attracts thousands of visitors every year in July and August. Every two years, the Grand Place in Brussels sinks into a sea of colorful begonias known as the carpet of flowers.

A very popular cultural event in Brussels is the Brosella. The international folk and jazz festival takes place every year on the second weekend in July in the green theater of the Osseghempark. The Brussels Summer Festival has been a fixed date in the Brussels event calendar for over 10 years. The renowned art festival brings together artists and entertainers from various genres.

On Citytixx, all dates and information are updated daily so that you don't miss any event highlights. Pure culture - on your Brussels trip.

Chocolate specialties and culinary delights

Brussels is not only the heart of Europe, but also of chocolate. It can be said that in no other city in the world is there such a high concentration of first-class chocolatiers as in Brussels. Instead of flowers, they give each other delicious pralines, so the praline is part of the Belgian lifestyle.

In addition to the chocolate, there are also waffles and French fries, for which the Belgians are specialists. A city trip to Brussels therefore also includes stops at one of the many waffle and chip stands. Nowhere else do French fries taste as delicious as in Brussels. They taste so extraordinary because the potato strips are double-fried in beef fat.

Highlights in Belgium