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St. Pölten

The Lower Austrian capital St. Pölten is one of the largest cities in Austria. The history of the city runs through prehistory, Roman times, and the Middle Ages up to the modern and baroque times. To this day St. Pölten counts as a cultural city with a lot of interesting sights in its repertoire.

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St. Pölten jewelry

The old town of St. Pölten enchants visitors with architectural works of art, artistic facades and pictur-esque buildings. Above all, the St. Pölten Cathedral and the old town hall attract a lot of attention: As a symbol of the town, the town hall shows the development of different architectural styles, as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements can be seen here.

The impressive history of the city can be experienced up close with a leisurely walk or a guided tour with a focus on topics.

Theater, dance and co.

St. Pölten, with the Lower Austria State Theater and the St. Pölten Festival Theater, is a hotspot for drama and music. The former is the starting point for lovers of classical music, but comedies as well as children's and youth theaters can also be found here. The Festspielhaus with its impressive architec-ture, on the other hand, is known for musicals and dance performances, which are held in four differ-ent halls in addition to various concerts.

Museums and galleries

From archaeological exhibitions to city history and an Art Nouveau department, the St. Pölten City Museum invites visitors to experience the culture of the state capital up close. Those interested in nature and history are often drawn to the Lower Austria Museum, which also houses a zoo with local animal species.

Thanks to the Diocesan Museum and many other galleries around St. Pölten, young and old will always find something exciting to do here, which at the same time brings you closer to the history of the city.


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Events in St.Pölten

In addition to the idyllic old town, theaters and museums, St. Pölten always has a varied program ready for everyone: weekly markets, special exhibitions and game evenings are just the beginning.

The warehouse is the contact point for many top acts and is therefore one of the hottest live clubs in Austria. In the Frei: Raum, the youth culture hall St. Pölten, concerts are also held, but workshops and conferences can also take place here.

Trade fairs, balls, banquets and conferences are regularly held in the VAZ St. Pölten, and cultural events are also held in the former synagogue. On Citytixx you will find information on all events such as con-certs, seasonal events and exhibitions - so your day in St. Pölten can be planned according to your wishes.

Gastronomy and culinary delights

St. Pölten has something in its repertoire for every taste - the palette ranges from fine and interna-tional cuisine to rustic wine taverns, cafes and bars. The city's markets always offer fresh fruit and vegetables from the region, while unusual specialties invigorate the body and mind. A cozy evening in the beer garden or Beisl rounds off the day of adventure in St. Pölten perfectly

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