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Weißenkirchen – Citytixx

Weißenkirchen in the Wachau

Weißenkirchen, also called the heart of the Wachau, is a wine-growing town with a long history. To-gether with the villages of Joching, St. Michael and Wösendorf, Weißenkirchen offers various cultural highlights in beautiful places in the Wachau region. Festivals and exhibitions in the midst of wine ter-races and churches meet viticulture, cuisine and Co.

The diversity of the Wachau offers leisure activities for every taste. All tickets and adventure events are constantly updated and maintained on Citytixx. Let yourself be enchanted by the idyll of Weißen-kirchen and plan interesting and exciting experiences.


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The heart of the Wachau

In terms of tourism, Weißenkirchen not only offers wine culture and the beautiful fortified church from the 14th century but is also known for the gourmet paradise as well as the Wachauhalle, where plays and cabarets are performed.

Hiking and biking trails, wine taverns, the Wachau museum and the festival make Weißenkirchen the ideal holiday destination for young and old.

Fortified Church & Teisenhoferhof

The important church fortress is a sight for all those interested in culture. The Gothic furnishings, oil paintings and monumental figures of saints together with the rococo organ from 1775 form a histori-cal eye-catcher.

Together with the Teisenhoferhof, the fortified church of the Assumption of Mary becomes a fortifica-tion. Individual remains of the wall from the 13th century indicate the impressive story that this build-ing has to tell. Late Gothic extensions as well as the preserved towers and walls make this place an eye-catcher, where cultural and public events invite you to experience.

Tractor peace ride, wine tasting, slow train and much more

A tractor ride through the cultural landscape of the Wachau offers insights into the beautiful landscape and invites you to wine tastings and visits to wine taverns, while the slow train turns celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and the like into unforgettable events. There is pure driving fun by bike or e-scooter along the Danube Cycle Path Passau-Vienna, which leads directly through Weißenkirchen. Eve-ryone gets their money's worth here!


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There are no events available at the moment


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Weißenkirchen event location

In addition to historical highlights, the heart of the Wachau can also come up with current events. The Wachauhalle shows both cabarets and theater performances, and the Wachau Festival should not be missing in the municipality's tourism calendar. From the wine spring to the Riesling festival and the wine baptism to the Advent market, in Weißenkirchen there is a highlight every season.

Wonderful church services and blessings in the parish church as well as markets and performances in the Teisenhoferhof complete the offer. A Danube boat trip should not be missed when visiting the Wachau - the UNESCO World Heritage landscape can also be wonderfully discovered from a boat. Whether sport, fun, culture or history, Weißenkirchen offers all tourism lovers a variety of options.

Enjoyment and cuisine

The gourmet paradise Weißenkirchen meets every culinary demand, no matter how high it is. Whether viticulture and wine tavern pleasure, inns or gourmet restaurants, the Wachau wines can be tasted almost anywhere. A tip: The Weißenkirchen area is believed to be the original home of Riesling, so viticulture is a top priority here. After the enjoyment, the idyllic alleys and inner courtyards invite you to take a leisurely stroll and bring the day of adventure to a relaxed end.

Guided tours in Weißenkirchen

If you don't want to explore the Wachau yourself, you can take a variety of interesting tours through the place. Here you will learn historical facts and get to know Weißenkirchen from its most beautiful side. You can get to know winegrowers' houses, viticulture and churches better together with guides.

All guided tours, events and highlights in the heart of the Wachau are within your grasp at Citytixx.

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