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Berndorf's events have a long tradition. Cultural life changed in the 19th century. through the Berndorf City Theater, which is still widely known today, and the exciting festival. Amid idyllic Lower Austria, Berndorf's calendar of events invites you to enjoy interesting experiences.

These include intellectual highlights on the stage in Berndorf, historical tours, countless leisure activities in the picturesque landscape and exciting events in the Berndorf city center. We update all tickets and event information daily so that you don't miss any opportunity.


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Experience Berndorf

Berndorf's cityscape lives in the contrast between the surrounding pine forests and spectacular historical buildings of the neo-renaissance. The Austrian Krupp dynasty shaped the Berndorfer cultural backdrop, closely following the architecture of the Vienna Ringstrasse.

A city with a historical character

In the 19th century, the important business patron Arthur Krupp ensured an industrial boom and a local reputation that still extends far beyond the boundaries of the Lower Austrian municipality. Not for nothing do you see monuments and exciting cultural sites in many corners of Berndorf, which remind of the historical importance of the industrial city. The place is therefore also known under the name "Krupp Stadt".

Let yourself be invited on a journey through the art-historical worlds of the industrial label or experience the numerous leisure activities in the company of a unique, lovingly preserved city ambience.

Festival and City Theater Berndorf

What Arthur Krupp thought of as a workers' theater for his workforce and was ceremoniously inaugurated by Emperor Franz Joseph is now the well-known Berndorf City Theater. The building in the neo-renaissance style has a splendid rococo interior and brings together the Berndorfer stage from classical, modern and cabaret performances. The popular annual festival in Berndorf also takes place here. You can find information on current events at the Stadttheater Berndorf below.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

More events in Berndorf

The art-historical locations, such as the Krupp-Stadt-Museum or the elementary and middle schools, are unique worldwide. The classrooms were specially financed by Arthur Krupp and built under the inspiration of twelve different style epochs - from Moorish to Greek to Baroque.

In the past, the rooms were intended to serve as an educational basis for the students' personal art experience. Today, its unique charm fills the hearts of enthusiastic art lovers and is ideal for an eventful tour for young and old.

For lovers of impressive sights, a sightseeing tour in Berndorf can easily be continued with a city trip to Vienna, which is around 48 km away.

Culinary and evening program

When your hunger for adventure is satisfied and you long for a treat, the numerous inns in Berndorf are ideal. In the evening you can end the day comfortably in the pub gardens, so that you can find some time to digest your experiences after exciting events in Berndorf.

In addition to regional cuisine, Berndorf's restaurants also offer a wealth of international specialties - every palate is served. With a little planning, you will encounter the lively city market on every first Saturday of the month (between April and November), where the region's delicacies and fine wines are offered.

Other leisure activities in Berndorf

If you'd rather not spend your evening sitting down, there is a wide range of sports and recreational activities for you. For example, you can sweat out the stress of everyday life in the saunas of the Centrelax adventure pool. You can find a farewell glimpse of an exciting day at the lookout point on Guglzipf. In winter you can even go cross-country skiing and in sunny seasons the golf courses and the fishing banks of the Triesting invite your sporting spirit.

If your journey through Berndorf has only just started, you will find all upcoming events in Berndorf and which events you are already experiencing this weekend at a glance.

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