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Bregenz – Citytixx


The Bregenz event calendar offers plenty of experiences, from culture and cuisine to festivals and sports. The Vorarlberg state capital is perfect for a city trip.

All events can be booked directly on citytixx.com. We will keep you up to date about your personal favourites so that you do not miss a single highlight.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Discover and experience Bregenz

Did you know that the federal state of Vorarlberg only measures 100 kilometres from north to south? Although you can quickly cross the westernmost state of Austria, there is a lot to discover.

Alongside Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Austria belongs to the four country region of Lake Constance, so nature is predominant here. Nevertheless, the many adventure opportunities and the sights make Bregenz a great holiday destination.

Festivals and events

Be it the Bregenz Harbour Festival, Bregenz Life, master concerts or performances in the Vorarlberg State Theater - the state capital of Vorarlberg always has a varied program ready. The Bregenz Festival will be a special cultural event, with famous operas performed in the open air on Lake Constance.

Sights, panorama and museums

The Martinsturm as a landmark of the city of Bregenz invites its visitors to interesting exhibitions and a wonderful view over the whole city, its mountains and Lake Constance. If you cannot get enough of the view, you can also enjoy it on the Pfänder, Bregenz's local mountain. The vantage point allows an unbelievable panorama and can also be easily reached by cableway.

Lots of historical information can be collected in the vorarlberg museum. The permanent exhibitions and the focus on acheology, history and folklore invite you to marvel and experience. Exciting insights into the history of Bregenz also allow various guided tours through the city, during which architecture and history can be learned.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Highlights in Bregenz

In addition to the historical sights and the picturesque panorama, Bregenz is a hotspot for countless restaurants, bars and guest gardens. Regular events delight both residents and visitors.

Famous venues such as the Vorarlberger Landestheater as well as the Bregenz markets invite you to be amazed and to be there.

On Citytixx you can design your personal adventure day according to your individual interests. Whether music, culture, sport or cuisine, Bregenz has something in its repertoire for everyone.

Enjoyment in Bregenz

The Bregenz markets such as the farmers' market, the weekly market or the specialty market inspire culinary lovers again and again. Whether it is a modern café, cozy inn, elegant restaurant or cool bar, everyone gets their money's worth in Vorarlberg's capital.

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