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Premstätten – Citytixx


Art events in Premstätten can be found primarily in the sculpture park: Here you can experience the works of well-known Austrian artists up close on a leisurely stroll through the 7-hectare idyll. But Prem-stätten has a lot more to offer.

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There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Explore Premstätten

In addition to hiking trails, beaches, restaurants and bars, the municipality, which is only a few kilome-ters away from Graz, offers plenty of opportunities to experience something.

With its concerts and festivals, Premstätten is an event hotspot in the Graz region and there are also plenty of sights for culture lovers.


The "Sea of Graz" offers that holiday feeling for everyone. Whether sport, fun or relaxation, there is something for everyone here.

Fit and fun - that is the motto of the Schwarzlsee: For action lovers there are leisure activities from diving to water skiing to sailing and wakeboarding, but there is also a wide range of volleyball and soccer fields as well as a children's playground and trampoline leap.

For a longer stay, the lake also has camping facilities and you will also be spoiled with culinary delights: In addition to a beer garden, there is a pizzeria, a beach bar or a tavern with a cozy terrace.

Nature and history in Premstätten

For nature lovers, Premstätten offers the 34-kilometer Erzherzog-Johann-Radweg, which enables a wonderful route over the western Styrian hill country. The “Forest Path of the Joy of Life” and the “Franz Trost Circular Path” are popular destinations for hikers who want to explore the area. For strollers, the Premstätten and Hautzendorf parks are great ways to spend a pleasant day.

Premstätten Castle and the parish church give visitors an insight into the history of the community. Even more information can be found in the homeland book “Unterpremstätten through the ages”.

The Austrian Sculpture Park is considered a fascinating fusion of art and nature. A full moon tour through the park, for example, allows an unfamiliar view of the more than 70 sculptures, but the exhi-bition is also a real eye-catcher during the day and invites you to linger.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Schwarzlsee as event organizer

Whether presentations, small or large events, there is always something going on at Schwarzlsee. Sem-inars and conferences can be held here, and Christmas parties and celebrations can be planned. But that's not all: At major events and open air events it can happen that world stars like David Guetta or Sir Elton John pay a visit to the Premstätten community!

Seasonal events are also regularly held at Schwarzlsee - including, for example, the SeeFestTage or the Oktoberfest.

Enjoyment and cuisine

Styrian delicacies are offered in various inns and restaurants in Premstätten. Whether it's a bike club, a wine tavern or a top restaurant with its own butcher shop, everyone will find something to satisfy their cravings here. Gourmets and wine lovers will feel right at home here!

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