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Southern Styria

Relaxed days in the country, delicious wine and tasty specialties - everything is combined on a visit to southern Styria. The comparison with Tuscany is justified by the hilly landscape of the Styrian vine-yards, which not only invite you to relaxing short trips, but also to longer stays.

Leave everyday life and stress behind you and relax with a bottle of wine and a hearty snack. Enjoy the time with friends and family and experience great days in the green heart of Austria. At Citytixx we will keep you up to date on all upcoming events so that you can enjoy your Styria trip to the full.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

The vineyards of Styria

Relax while hiking or walking through the southern Styrian vineyards and stop by the local taverns and inns. Styrian specialties, great Brettljausen (ham, cheese, salami, etc. served on a wooden plate) and the best wine in Austria await you there. During your break you can enjoy the view over the southern Styrian vineyards and absorb the feeling of calm.

With the ambience of the hilly landscapes, delicious food and drinks and good entertainment, wine hiking becomes an unforgettable experience. The range of events in southern Styria ranges from wine tastings to music events and sporting events

Gamlitz in southern Styria

With its sights, Gamlitz is one of the region's hotspots that you can explore on foot, by e-bike or by car. Get to know the vineyards better and visit the chapels and museums of Gamlitz.

The Motorikpark is a popular meeting place for athletes, and Gamlitz also has something ready for culture lovers: The Contemporary Art Museum or ORBAN Museum houses around 1,000 works that were created in the region, among others.

South Styria Nature Park

The nature parks of southern Styria invite you to discover and experience. Get to know the animal and plant diversity or spend your afternoon canoeing through the Sulm jungle. The Kern Obstgarten de-lights with the delicious flavors of its products and dishes, which you can get to know at a tasting, and you shouldn't miss the local pumpkin seed oil, which is passionately produced by Styrian farmers.

The nature parks are also known for the different nuts, berries and mushrooms that grow and can be harvested everywhere in the area. This makes the enjoyment of southern Styria perfect


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Events in the region

The picturesque places in southern Styria are the center of life, festivals and celebrations. New wines are regularly presented, hikes and runs are organized and festivals for young and old are prepared.

Sports enthusiasts are interested in the vine country rally, the wine marathon or the Jakobi hike, while woodpeckers look forward to the hop and grape harvest festivals and visit the markets spread through-out the year. The folk festival invites you to dance and music and of course the enjoyment must not be forgotten, because visitors can fill their stomachs with local specialties and wine.

On Citytixx, all information and descriptions of the southern Styrian events are continuously updated so that you can enjoy your southern Styria holiday to the full. Eating, drinking, celebrating and enjoying - this is the right place for you in the region.

Wedding highlight

Are you dreaming of a wonderful wedding in the idyll of the vineyards? Then southern Styria is the right place to go for you. The hilly landscape is characterized by romantic castles, beautiful chapels and picturesque churches. But not only weddings are the absolute dream here: birthday parties and the like are also becoming a highlight in southern Styria.

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