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From the alleys in the old town to world architecture in the Medienhafen, or a real fairytale castle - Düsseldorf offers a multitude of special places. Everything is close together in the city on the Rhine. Rheinturm, Königsallee, Benrath Palace - each sight tells its own story and is worth a visit.

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Classical concerts in Dusseldorf

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Düsseldorf, the city of fashion and art

Düsseldorf is a well-known fashion and art city in the west of Germany. While the old town stretches along the east bank of the Rhine, modern business and commercial districts lie west of the river.

There are numerous exclusive boutiques along Königsallee and Schadowstraße.

The impressive sights of Düsseldorf make every city tour the absolute highlight of every trip and, above all, the many scenes of history make every visit an experience.


The big city on the Rhine has a lot to offer, because the many sightseeing opportunities delight old and young and make the city so fascinating. The symbol of the city is the Rheinturm with a height of 240 meters - the 10th highest tower in Germany. The Medienhafen is a hodgepodge of different architectural styles and structures based on the plans of many renowned architects. The Königsallee is probably the most famous shopping street in the country and it is better known under the nickname "Kö". Also worth seeing are the St. Lambertus basilica with its leaning tower and the birthplace of the writer Heinrich Heine.

The Benrath Palace and Park are a fantastically beautiful complex in the south of Düsseldorf. Benrath Palace was built between 1756 and 1773 and served as a hunting and pleasure palace for Elector Carl Theodor. Today you will find a museum for garden art and natural history.

The Kaiserwerth district impresses with its historic town center and the ruins of King Barbarossa's imperial palace. The ruins from 1174 are still impressive today with walls up to four meters thick.

Pure art and culture

Be it art, architecture, theater, ballet or music - Düsseldorf is in the top international league when it comes to culture. The density of museums in the Rhine metropolis is not only unparalleled in Germany. The city is also peppered with top-class architecture - the Gehry buildings in the MedienHafen and the Kö-Bogen by Daniel Libeskind are two prominent examples.

Not only the Düsseldorf Maritime Museum itself is a real sight, the castle tower in which it is housed is also a real highlight of the Rhine metropolis. In the museum you will find the 2000-year history of shipping on the Rhine told. Shipbuilding, the ecology of the Rhine or trade and traveling on the river are told here.

In the art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia, art lovers will be enchanted. There you will find art from the 20th century to the present day. Changing exhibitions always ensure new impressions and experiences.


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There are no events available at the moment


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Events hotspot in Düsseldorf

The Hofgarten concerts have been an integral part of the Düsseldorf event calendar since 1964. During this time, the courtyard garden is transformed into an open-air music auditorium. The program is varied every year from wind, folk or film music to polka, jazz and cha-cha-cha. Thanks to the pavilion near the Reitallee, the concerts take place in almost any weather.

Düsseldorf Helau! When the season starts, there's no stopping the lovers of Rhine metropolis. From Hoppeditz ‘Awakening to Ash Wednesday, the revelers are in their element. In the Düsseldorf carnival people laugh, dance and play.

As a unique culture and meeting festival, the Japan Day Düsseldorf / NRW attracts hundreds of thousands of guests every year who want to experience the Japanese flair in the city and finally enjoy the spectacular fireworks on the Rhine.

Eating and going out in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a lively city and an excellent choice for all night owls. If you are in Düsseldorf for the first time and want to go out, you almost inevitably end up in the old town or in the MedienHafen. The old town is only around half a square kilometer, but it has a lot to offer. Around 260 pubs cavort here - colloquially known as "the longest bar in the world". Here you can drink so much Düsseldorf Altbier.

Around Immermannstrasse, between the main train station and Schadowstrasse, there are numerous restaurants and bars, from sushi to burgers - you can eat here all day. The neighborhood is world famous as Little Tokyo. Some of the best Japanese restaurants in Europe can be found here. If you want to eat authentic ramen noodles, you are guaranteed to find your new favorite restaurant.

On Carlsplatz you will find regional offers and exceptional food of good quality. From fruit, vegetables, to fish, meat and spices, everything is offered here. Carlsplatz is the oldest marketplace in Düsseldorf that is still in operation.

Shopping and Fashion in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf and fashion are often mentioned in the same breath. No wonder: everything that has a reputation for international high fashion maintains a flagship on Königsallee, the famous luxury shopping mile. The latest catwalk trends from Paris, Milan, New York? They can all be experienced on the Kö. You stroll from Prada to Gucci, from Chanel to Dior.

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