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Traiskirchen – Citytixx


Traiskirchen, only around 20 kilometers south of Vienna, is a renowned wine-growing town. But the municipality has a lot more to offer: The many different events, leisure activities and sights invite visi-tors to linger and experience.

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Explore Traiskirchen

Did you know that the soils of the wine region are perfect for both white and red wines? A wine tasting is therefore a must when visiting Traiskirchen. Over 2,000 hectares of vines and the many different Heurigen make Traiskirchen the region's wine-growing location.

The green paradise in Lower Austria is also ideal for walking, hiking and cycling - there is a suitable route for everyone.

Tribuswinkel Castle

The first walls of the castle were built in 1120, so the Tribuswinkel Castle can tell a long story. As the home of many different owners, the castle shows beautiful facets and the English garden with the integrated nature trail brings the beauty of the area closer.

The castle is now used as a kindergarten and the premises are used for events and exhibitions - whether witch festival, Easter market or Advent market: there is something going on here every sea-son.

Museums in Traiskirchen

The Traiskirchen Museum, which brings the industrial age close enough to touch, offers an insight into the past of Traiskirchen. The exhibitions with toy collections, old vehicles, natural highlights or the fire department museum invite young and old to be amazed and experience.

The Tramway Museum is definitely worth a visit for technology lovers. The listed trams from bygone times can be admired here and even got to know from the inside. The various vehicles are exhibited in a large hall with a siding, which is also made available for events.

Last but not least, the observatory offers a truly wonderful view of the sky. Regular tours take place on the roof of the Traiskirchen city center and the museum becomes an event hotspot for special events such as a lunar eclipse.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

Events in Traiskirchen

As a renowned wine-growing location, Traiskirchen naturally has a strong presence in this area: the wine festival has a tradition that goes back decades. With a music podium, pageant, chapel and the coronation of the winegrower queen, this festival becomes the spectacle of the year, which is definitely a must for all Traiskirchen visitors and residents.

But it's not just the wine festival that makes Traiskirchen an event hotspot. The four different cultural centers count as the focus of entertainment, because the many theater performances, concerts, mu-sicals and exhibitions offer a wide and entertaining program for young and old.

You can find all tickets and information here on citytixx.com, so you can stay up to date on all events.

Gastronomy and taverns

Whether a tavern or a top winemaker - the Traiskirchner taverns (Heurigen) bring you closer to the variety of wines. But apart from the famous Heurigen there are also inns, elegant restaurants, music pubs, bars and cafés with a rich menu. For connoisseurs, Traiskirchen is true paradise. Come and see for yourself!

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