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Klosterneuburg, located right on the outskirts of Vienna, is a green paradise that is best known for the Klosterneuburg monastery and the excellent wine culture. Idyllic hiking and biking trails as well as interesting events invite you to visit the top class.

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Get to know Klosterneuburg

Did you know that almost 90% of the municipal area is used for agriculture and forestry? Viticulture is an essential factor in Klosterneuburg's economy, around 150 hectares count here as a wine-growing area.

But Klosterneuburg is not only worth a visit because of its wine culture - there are interesting events, great museums and many adventure opportunities to discover.

Klosterneuburg Monastery

Klosterneuburg Abbey is a landmark of the city, which lies between the Danube and the Vienna Woods. The monastery is already writing a nine-century history that seems to be within reach when you visit it. In the included museum everything worth knowing can be found out, for example about the order of the Augustinian Canons, who can call the monastery their home.

Particularly interesting here is the insight into the treasury, the imperial room, the marble hall, or the cloister. All highlights are presented on various tours.

But the visit to Klosterneuburg Monastery is far from over: The monastery can call itself Austria's oldest winery and thus invites you to events of extravagance. Fruit growing has also been a top priority here since the 12th century.


The famous Art Brut Center Gugging is also located in Klosterneuburg. Exciting exhibitions with an artist's residence can be viewed here, which have even fascinated David Bowie. The world-famous studio invites you to be amazed, because works by a wide variety of renowned artists are shown here, which make you think.

In addition to the Art Brut Center Gugging and the Abbey Museum, Klosterneuburg has plenty of other museums in its repertoire: Whether the Franz Kafka memorial room, archaeological memorial or the Klosterneuburg City Museum - there is something for everyone here.


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment


There are no events available at the moment

More events in Klosterneuburg

The municipality is best known for its great exhibitions, which regularly amaze visitors to the Gugging Museum. Interesting events with well thought-out mottos make the hearts of artists beat faster.

But Klosterneuburg is not only known for its culture. Whether it's a farmer's market, concert, Christmas market, yoga workshop or cabaret, the event calendar has something for everyone. The lido is always an experience for young and old.

Thanks to the Kahlenberg, the city is also a popular destination for nature lovers. Great walking, hiking and cycling routes make athletes' hearts beat faster and the wonderful view over Vienna is always worth a look.

Pleasure paradise

Whether a tavern, vinotheque, restaurant or bar - gourmets have a lot to discover here. Above all, the taverns in Klosterneuburg invite you to discover the great local wines and are the perfect way to round off an exciting day of adventure.

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