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Lucerne, the gateway to Central Switzerland, is nestled in an impressive mountain panorama on Lake Lucerne. Thanks to its sights, the attractive shopping opportunities, the unique location on the lake and the nearby excursion mountains Rigi, Pilatus or Stanserhorn, the city is the destination of many travel groups and individual guests on their journey across Switzerland.

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Lucerne, the city of tradition and modernity

Tradition and modernity are close together in Lucerne, because the city has also made a name for itself for innovative design.

One of the architectural highlights is the futuristic culture and congress center designed by French star architect Jean Nouvel. The KKL is also the landmark of the "Festival City Lucerne" with a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year.


Lucerne's cityscape is shaped by the covered, medieval Chapel Bridge, which, with its gable paintings, is one of the oldest covered wooden bridges in Europe. Another landmark of the city is the Musegg Wall, which has been preserved in its original defensive shape, except for a tower.

Historic houses adorned with frescoes surround picturesque squares such as the Weinmarkt in the car-free old town. Lucerne is a city of squares and churches. The Jesuit church from the 17th century is considered to be the first sacred baroque building in Switzerland and the two towers of the Hofkirche are an integral part of the cityscape. The dying lion, which was carved into the rock in memory of the heroic death of the Swiss who fell in the Tuileries in 1792, is one of the most famous monuments in Switzerland. And with the 112-meter-long Bourbaki panorama, Lucerne has one of the few remaining monumental circular paintings in the world.

Pure art and culture

500 national and international events in the fields of culture, business, science and education take place annually in the KKL Luzern and inspire around 500,000 visitors a year with the unique combination of culture, convention and cuisine.

Swiss Museum of Transport - the most-visited museum in Switzerland- shows the past, present and future of mobility in a way that can be experienced and varied. In addition to the museum, unique attractions in Switzerland such as the movie theater, the planetarium, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure or the Media World invite you to discover.


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Lucerne event hotspot

Lucerne Festival gathers the classical music stars from all over the world: At the idyllic Lake Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland, the famous orchestras, the legendary conductors and the virtuoso soloists meet to celebrate a festival of music together.

From soul to rock, from photography to street art: with over 100,000 visitors, the Blue Balls is one of the largest festivals in Switzerland. For nine days in July, everything at Lucerne's lake basin revolves around music and art.

At the beginning of the Lucerne carnival event, which dominates the whole city for a few days, there is the figure of Fritschi, an older man, with his wife, the Fritschene, and the Fritschikind. An essential element of the Lucerne Carnival are the Guggemuusige, disguised and masked or made-up cliques who play well-known melodies with their brass and percussion instruments.

Culinary & nightlife in Lucerne

Swiss gastronomy is a land of milk and honey that needs to be rediscovered from place to place. In addition to a few national dishes, there are mainly regional specialties on the menu.

The Älplermagronen (macaroni, potatoes, cheese, cream and roasted onions), which are known and loved throughout Switzerland, come from central Switzerland, as do various cheese dishes. Also known are Lucerne Chügelipastete (a pate filled with bread dumplings with a white sauce), stews such as Hafenchabis (lamb or pork stew with cabbage) and stunggis (pork and vegetable stew).

Lucerne's great nightlife is known throughout Switzerland. Countless bars and clubs, some high above the roofs of the city, ensure an attractive nightlife with parties and concerts.

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