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The destination Bern combines the federal city, hilly landscapes in the Emmental, imposing mountains in the Gantrisch nature park, idyllic places in Oberaargau and small towns steeped in history such as Laupen. Whether sporty or leisurely, on the mountain or by the water, urban or rural: the possibilities for excursions and experiences in the sub-regions are almost endless.

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Bern, the historical capital of Switzerland

Hardly any other city has preserved its historical features like Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

The old town of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has 6 kilometers of arcades, one of the longest weather-protected shopping promenades in Europe.


The medieval atmosphere of the city with the numerous fountains, sandstone facades, alleys and historic towers is unique. The most beautiful view of the old town, which is surrounded by the Aare, is offered by the elevated rose garden above the BärenPark or the platform of the 101-meter-high cathedral tower. The former jumps and bastions drop steeply towards the river. The boutiques, bars and cabaret theaters of the old town, some in the vaulted cellars, as well as the small street cafes attract locals as well as many tourists. Despite its good public transport system, the best way to explore Bern city center is on foot.

Bern is the seat of government in Switzerland. The Federal Palace rises above the city just a few steps from the main train station. Most of the time, the doors of the parliament building are open to visitors, and if you are lucky you might meet one of the members of the government in the streets of the city.

The botanical garden, the Dählhölzli zoo and the old Matte district are also located on the river. Bern and the bear, its heraldic animal, are inextricably linked. When visiting the city, a visit to the BearPark, the habitat of a bear family, should not be missed.

Pure art and culture

The world's most comprehensive collection of works by the artist Paul Klee can be found in the Zentrum Paul Klee on the outskirts of the city. The Albert Einstein House bears witness to the physicist's stay in Bern at the beginning of the 20th century and can be ideally combined with a visit to the Einstein Museum. From the Historical Museum, the Art Museum, the Swiss Alpine Museum to the Museum of Communication, Bern offers a wide variety of exhibitions.


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Bern event hotspot

On and next to the street, the Grand Prix of Bern is a running festival and a spectacle in a class of its own. In 2018 over 31,000 runners decided to take part in the run over the “10 most beautiful miles in the world”. The largest running event in Switzerland is both a running competition for the elite, but also an occasion for the whole family. The unique backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage site in Bern offers a special incentive.

The Zibelemärit in Bern - On the fourth Monday in November, the upper part of Bern's old town between the train station and Bundesplatz turns into a large market. At hundreds of stalls, farmers from the area, especially from the Lake District of Freiburg, offer onions plaited into braids, along with winter vegetables, stone fruits and nuts.

Culinary in Bern

In the combination of modernity and tradition, the down-to-earth cuisine asserts itself here. The canton of Bern impresses with its contrasts: gentle hilly landscapes or high alpine four-thousand-meter peaks, urban centers or rural Heimetli. French or German. The culinary Bernese specialties such as Bernese platter, Emmental cheese, sliced ​​cheese, “Bärner Röschti”, Suure Mocke, a braised beef roast with vegetables, are just as varied.

Even if the hearty dishes dominate Bern's cuisine - sweet specialties are just as popular and enjoyed throughout the country, such as meringue, Meitschibei, Brätzeli and Langethaler Rahmkuchen. The "Züpfe" also originally comes from the canton of Bern. Here it is enjoyed with a hearty Buurehamme, a boiled ham.

Highlights in Switzerland