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Germany- Citytixx


Sea, city or mountains, hustle and bustle, adventure or tranquility, you can find everything together here: Germany. The German cities and municipalities invite visitors to superlative city trips and inspire fun and amazement. The perfect infrastructure, the great sights and clean cities make every round trip and city trip a unique experience.

In Germany there are the right sightseeing opportunities and events for every occasion. Plan your Ger-many trip now on Citytixx and spend your personal holiday highlight!

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Germany for every occasion

Germany invites its visitors to a great vacation with culture, history and experiences. The German cities are considered hotspots for unique architecture, beautiful domes, worlds of experience and events.

Did you know that almost a third of the country is covered with forests? These oases of peace count as the perfect retreat from the eventful and exciting cities and thus provide a great balance. The many facets of Germany make a trip very special.


In Germany there is something for every interest and every occasion. The Brandenburg Gate is the landmark of the capital Berlin, while the Marienplatz in Munich attracts visitors from all over the world every year. For car fans, the Nürburgring is the highlight of every trip and the Europa-Park Rust is an attraction for the whole family. But not only the landmarks and sights attract one to the German cities.


Culture and museums

The most diverse museums in Germany bring the country's culture within reach. Various topics and exhibitions are the focus of the German museum landscape and show the many facets of the cities. Whether historical museums, modern art, masterpieces of European painting or sports, cars and fun - there is something for everyone here.


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Event-Highlights in Germany

The German festival and event scene ranges from music festivals such as Rock am Ring and Lollapa-looza to food and street art events to sporting events and film festivals.

On Citytixx you can find out about upcoming highlights and events daily and plan your trip to Germany according to your personal interests and wishes. All descriptions and news about events are constantly updated on Citytixx so that you can't miss anything!


If you want to make your city or Germany trip a journey of discovery for the palate, this is the place for you. The German delicacies are available in inns, restaurants and traditional pubs to try and pamper every connoisseur. From pretzels and beer to Christmas stollen and green sauce, the German special-ties are definitely part of the holiday!